March, 2016

Miracles from Heaven: Miracles are Everywhere

Suzanne and I went to see the movie “Miracles from Heaven”. We were a little dubious, suspecting that it might be a bit preachy. It was not. Instead, it’s a movie that will restore your faith and deepen it – literally. The movie is an inspiring story of faith, mindfulness, and miracles.

The movie is adapted from the book by Christy Beam, and she is a major character (beautifully played by Jennifer Garner). Many of you have undoubtedly heard the story, so I won’t worry too much about spoilers. It concerns Christy Beam’s daughter Annabelle (Anna), who is struck by a rare degenerative disease that brings her constant pain. There is no cure.

At first, several doctors misdiagnose the condition. Finally, at Christy’s insistence, the doctors take another look and find the rare, incurable condition. The Beams live in Texas, but the best doctor for the condition is in Boston. So every six weeks, Christy and Anna fly to Boston to see the doctor. But there isn’t a lot that helps. The doctor does all he can, and he is caring and funny.

Meanwhile, back in Texas, Christy’s husband Kevin is caring for their other two girls and trying to figure out how to keep the house running financially, since he had taken all the equity in the house to start his veterinary business.

While in Boston, Christy and Anna meet a waitress named Angela who shows them around. They re-connect with Angela every time they come back to Boston. She becomes their friend and is very supportive.

Anna shares a room in the hospital with another little girl (whose name, we find out later, is Haley). Haley is dying of cancer. Anna gives Haley her cross medallion. Amidst all this, Christy is losing her faith.

Anna’s sisters try to cheer her up and make her life better any way they can. One day while climbing a hollow tree on their property, Anna falls in – the equivalent of a three-story fall. It takes three hours to pull her out. She’s rushed to the hospital and treated. It turns out that she’s bloodied and bruised, but otherwise unharmed – and her incurable condition is gone! Her doctor in Boston calls it “spontaneous remission” (the medical term for what they can’t otherwise explain).

Anna explains that while in the tree, she came out of her body and spoke with God, and she was told she would be healed. Needless to say, Anna becomes a big news story. Her mother makes a speech in church about having faith and seeing the miracles all around you. She even quotes Albert Einstein’s famous statement that you can live as if everything is a miracle or you can live as if nothing is a miracle.

The story of Anna Beam will make you cry, make you smile, and inspire you. There are many important things that we can draw from it.

First, always have faith. Jesus told us that faith “the size of a mustard seed” can move mountains. It certainly did for this little girl. The simple, quiet faith that all is well is self-fulfilling. It is an attitude that can eliminate the incurable, that can change any condition. We know that the use of the Law of Mind, in faith, can change conditions. Anna Beam serves as a reminder of that.

Second, be aware of the good around you. Angela, the waitress, is a miracle to the Beams. So many others who, as Christy Beam says, “barely touch our lives” are miracles waiting to happen.

And that brings us to the third point. A Course in Miracles says it well: “miracles are natural. If they are not occurring, something has gone wrong.” What are the miracles occurring in your life today? What miracles occurred in your life recently? Be aware of them and be thankful that miracles really are all around us. If you don’t believe it, ask Anna and Christy Beam.

This is a terrific movie that will touch your heart. It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen lately. Go see it and be inspired.

The Mystery

Treatment by Ed Preston, RScP


The Mystery



I hope most of you have now discovered or learned about the Newsweek Special Edition, Spiritual Living, which came out last week and is sold out most places.  I got a real copy of it from a long time friend who found it someplace in Washington, DC.  I immediately read the one page article about the CSL education program and saw the full page add for CSL.  Then yesterday, I decided to just start browsing and reading.  The first thing I came to, was an editorial introduction on page 8 titled “Living the Life”.  The subtitle captured me.  “The First Step to Becoming More Connected with the Universe is Accepting the Fact that it’s Filled with Things We May Never Comprehend.”


The first paragraph ends with “But those unanswerable questions may just be the essence of living a spiritual life.”  The article ends with “And while all the answers may not present themselves despite tireless exploration, some of the most connected, spiritually-in-tune individuals suggest this is no cause for concern.

Some things, they believe, are not meant to be fully understood, in this lifetime.”


That all has captured the essence of my spiritual path, and where I am now.  I celebrate the Mystery of God.  For me “God” and “Mystery” are synonymous.  And I also celebrate the relatively few things I can observe and understand.




So, I come to this place of release; this place where I let go of the need to understand it All with my mind and accept that the Mind is infinite and I will never know it all.  I let it be in my Mystery.  I recognize the Mystery as what is all around me and everywhere.  It is in outer space.  It is in the person walking past me whom I do not know.  It is even in my best friend, of whom I know so little of his total being.


I become part of that Mystery.  I know there is even so much of my own being that I do not know or understand in my mind.  I accept the Mystery of the One Mind and know it is my Mystery and our Mystery and All Mystery.  We celebrate the Mystery right now and let go of the need to understand.  I find, without understanding, I can still Know.  I know what I understand and I know what I know and I embrace what I only Know as part of the Mystery.


I realize this Mystery is All of what is out there.  I accept it as the Divine Presence that is always around and in and throughout my Being.  I allow myself to release and let go of understanding it all and just accept that I can Know It All.  I find my Peace.


I am grateful for the vast expanse of this Universe, which I cannot understand, but only know as the Mystery.  I feel and experience it every night as I step out on my deck and look into the darkness of the sky and the back yard and all the neighbors’ homes.  That is all part of the Mystery I celebrate.


So, I release my need to understand with my mind and accept my ability to Know with sole.  I am One with it all in just the Knowing.  So, I release these words into the Mystery and Know they empowered in Law.


And so it is, Amen.


Treatment for March 9, 2016

Gifts of Life are Born from the Risk of Vulnerability

Treatment by Jenn Fay, RScP
Hello Beloved Community, local & beyond,
I’ve been listening to a Brene Brown series. She talks much about vulnerability & living “‘wholeheartedly” & she
has truly inspired me. Her research is based on human
experience. She has found that those who are living the
happiest lives are allowing themselves to be vulnerable,
a most uncomfortable place for most of us. Yet, as you probably
know, the greatest gifts of Life are born from the risk of vulnerability,
like creativity, love, success, forgiveness, to name a few. I love her
vulnerability mantra: “Don’t shrink. Don’t puff up. Just stay on my
Sacred Ground.”
Prayer ~
There is Sacred Ground everywhere, for All of Life is Sacred.
Spirit Expresses through Life in form, knowing that every
Life is created in Divine Perfection.
As we accept our perceived human imperfections as Divine
Perfection, we relax into the Sweetest Love & the Grandest
sense of Support possible.
It is from this Support that we claim our deepest desires, knowing
they are Inspired by the Divine, for these desires are placed in our
Hearts just for us as we Live the Life of Spirit.
As Life unfolds with Greater Ease, gratitude fills us on every level.
Gratitude attunes us to see still more Wonder, causing a continuous
mantra of “Thank You!”
Even in the uncertainly of just what/who we are thanking, we are
Blessed. Even in the discomfort of being vulnerable, we are supported
beyond what we can imagine, for in showing up & being seen, in being
who we are, Life expands & the Universe applauds us.
It is from a place of Sheer Trust that we release our desires into the
Universal Law that knows the business of  “how” in manifesting that which
we focus on, our visions & dreams. We simply move our feet one step at
a time, knowing that if we trust who we are, reveal who we are, & leave
the rest to the Invisible Realm, All Is Well.
And so it is!
Trusting my perceived imperfections are Perfectly Orchestrated for my
Highest & Best Life ~

Treatment for March 7, 2016

The Truth of Who We Are

Treatment by Rich Kurasiewicz
It’s almost Spring (at least according to the groundhog).We recently experienced St. Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras and now are in the season of Lent—getting ready for Easter, a time when we experience our resurrection in the Truth of who we are. This is a great time to take stock of where we’ve been over the past year, what we’re grateful for, to forgive ourselves and others and to perform our daily spiritual practices to recognize the Truth of who we are and to expand our consciousness in that Truth through the recognition of the Power and Presence of the One Mind as the activity of God as Love in the world in everything and everyone.  And so we pray….
God is the One Power and the One Presence and the OneLife and the One Mind. God is the Creator and the Creation, all Life and everything there is. God is manifest in everything and everyone at all times and awaits our recognition of Its Presence and Love. And, I am that I am. I am one of the Father and the Creator. I am an individualized expression of God—one of the Father and one with each and everyone. I am a co-Creator of my life and I accept the Good that is available as it is God’s good pleasure to give me the Kingdom—I accept the gift that has already been made. I and the Father are One.
Just as I am perfect, whole and complete, I know that each and everyone is Perfect, Whole, Complete, Eternal and Immortal. I declare that Love binds each and everyone as a unique individualization of the One Life and manifests as Good in the lives of all. Peace, Love, Joy, Abundance, Health, Harmony, Happiness manifest in our lives right now. I know that each and everyone desires this Good and through prayer and meditation and other daily spiritual practices we open and expand our consciousness to accept the gift, the Kingdom, the Good and the Truth that sets us free. I know that through the search and acceptance of the Truth, Good is multiplied in our lives and the lives of all as there is more than enough Good to go around for it is all God and we are all divine. I know that each and everyone expresses gratitude for the Good and the Truth and genuinely forgives themselves and everyone in their lives as they allow the activity of Love to flow easily and effortlessly in their lives—for Love is the ultimate Power and Presence of God present and ailable for all!  
I am so very grateful for the Truth, the Light, the Love, the Good, the Power and the Presence, and the Law manifesting in the lives of each and everyone.  I am so very grateful for each and everyone as they expand their consciousness of who and what they are as they are a blessing to themselves and to everyone with whom they come in contact. I am grateful for the Truth that sets us free as we accept the gifts and the Kingdom.
And I release my Word unto the Law where it is already known to the Mind of God. I declare that my Word shall not return unto me void. I give thanks that this is so and so it is!
Treatment for February 27, 2016



Treatment by Tammi McKinley, RScP


I look all around me and see the magnificence of the world. Tangible and intangible, I have so much. I see so much abundance in everyone’s lives, manifesting in so many ways. And so I give thanks.

I know that God is all there is. The peace, the love, the harmony, the prosperity and abundance. It’s all God.

I am of that divine substance. That perfect expression of the Divine. I know this is so of each and every one of us. We are each that beautiful, blessed God substance, expressing as God.

So I speak my word that abundance surrounds me and each and every one of us. We all open our eyes to the wonders around us, recognizing God’s abundance in our lives. The love we feel and give. The things we have which make our days easier. Friendships. Family. Abundance is not limited by words because abundance is God in action, and God cannot be limited. This is so.

I give thanks for this knowing. That my life is full of the abundance of God in so many ways.

I release my word into the Law, where it is already known in the one Mind. I let it go. I let it be.

And so it is.

Treatment for February 22, 2016

Grateful for Mixed Nuts


Treatment by Suzanne Delahaie, RScP

A busy day….

I went out today to find some hazelnuts, went to about every store in Greater Laurel. I finally ended up with a couple of bags of mixed nuts from the closest grocery store in the neighborhood (there were a fair number of hazelnuts in the bags, so I figured I could get enough.) The purpose of the Hazelnuts will be clear at the end of the Medieval workshop tomorrow.

I am grateful that I could find what I needed, and this prayer will be about gratitude.

I know that there is only one. One spirit, one essence in all, through all. I know that I am one with this spirit. It is all that there is, therefore I must be one with it. I am exceedingly grateful for all that I am, all the I have, for the guidance that this one mind gives me. I am grateful for the workshop tomorrow. I am grateful for the people who will attend. I am grateful for their interest. I am grateful for the time that I had to put into the development of the workshop. I express my gratitude, knowing that the universe will always be guiding me. In this knowing, I release my word.

Treatment for February 20, 2016