October, 2016

God Has Made the Day


Treatment by Suzanne Delahaie, RScP



This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalms 118 v.24

This beautiful piece of scripture, came to me just as I was sitting down to write this prayer,  It reminds me to  see that God has made the day, and that I can and do rejoice in this day.

As I know that there is only God, God creator, God in all as all.  I see the God in all, the actions of God in all, the being of God as all. I know that as God is all and that therefore God is in me as me, in all that I see, and know.  I know that God is joy, and I can rejoice with God in the creation of the day.  As I know that I am glad for this day,  I know that as I am joyful, God’s joy fills me fully.  As I release concerns of the day, I am realized of the experience that is God:  The Joy, the love, the beauty.   I am so filled with the experience of  being,  the love that fills me to overflowing, I am filled with gratitude, and as I know this for myself I know it for all who read this prayer.

I am so grateful.  I give thanks.  And know that it is so.  AND SO IT IS.

With Love

Treatment for September 20, 2016

Love and Light

Treatment by Tim Phares, RScP


Night sets in and we approach the 15th anniversary of 9/11.  (Wow, 15 years!)  This was one of the most dramatic events of our time.  Every year, we stop and remember.  We remember those who perished, we remember the first responders, we remember the devastation and anger, and the resolve.   It is important that we do so.  It is also important that we take time to contemplate what drove this terrible incident.

Martin Luther King reminded us that “darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”    And we know that what we focus on expands.  And so we fill that dark space with light and fill that space of hate with love, remaining ever vigilant to ensure that love and light  triumph.  We do what needs to be one to keep that space of love and light open and full.

We pray.

There is only One Life.  It is Love.  It is Light.  It is Freedom.  It us peace.  It is the life of each of us now.

As the expression of that One Life, I am love, light, freedom, peace.  I radiate these things in every circumstance, in every moment, in every encounter.  They shine forth.  I am vigilant to make sure that I reflect these qualities as fully as possible.

I accept and affirm that they fill my life and the lives of all I meet.

I am thankful for these things, for this knowing, for every moment.

In gratitude, I let go and release this to the Divine Law, knowing that all is well and it is done.

And SO it IS!

Treatment for September 10, 2016

Interspiritual Connections – 5th Sundays at 6:30 pm

Join us in an infinitely meaningful time that draws from many traditions and faiths.

Interspiritual Contemplative Circle offers an opportunity to share, draw from, honor, and abide in faiths and traditions, while we see each other as an instrument, a mirror, a channel, in Agape love, with receptive hearts and minds.

The Sanctuary opens early for those who would like a time of silent meditation. Our time together includes melodic chanting, brief silent meditation, and reflective writing. You are invited to take part, reflect, contemplate, listen to one another, and to share as you choose.

2018 Dates: April 29, July 29, September 30, and December 30

Love offerings welcome.


The Facilitator: Interfaith-oriented since birth, Rev. Channahsorah is an ordained Interfaith Minister and a graduate of the Shalem Institute’s Transforming Community: Leading Contemplative Prayer Groups and Retreats – Going Deeper. Her callings are in bridge-building and fostering mutual understanding among people from various cultures, faiths, and traditions. Invited for 5th Sunday:  Lata & Ganesh of Mohanji Group.

Celebration Center for Spiritual Living is a multi-cultural spiritual community with shared commitments to love, service, and authenticity—all working towards a world that works for everyone.

Interspiritual Connections – 5th Sundays

Ah, My Blank Mind


Treatment by Ed Preston, RScP


Well, I sit here with a blank mind trying to think of what to write a treatment about.  I love a blank mind when I am going into meditation, but when I am trying to think of what to write about, a blank mind does not help…….unless I just write about a blank mind.


I see the One Mind as a blank mind, not because it is empty, but because my small, finite mind cannot embrace the giant Thoughts and Ideas of the One Mind.  I accept its blankness as a beautiful aspect from my individual perspective.  I know its blankness as a Divine aspect of Mind.  I call it my Mystery.  I recognize my own blankness of mind is a doorway into the One Mind of my mental and spiritual Universe.

I accept my blankness as both a doorway and a viewing window into the One Mind.  I allow my blankness to lead me into that beautiful feeling of Oneness with something so much bigger than myself.   I allow a Peace to emerge from my blankness, which is truly the Peace that passes all understanding.  I unify with the One Mind through my Blankness.  It is also Divine.

I realize that I am joined by a nearly infinite number of other minds who also can celebrate both our blankness and our individual pieces of Big Thoughts.  I return from my Blankness with new thoughts about what to do in my life.  I know we all do this also when we return from Blankness.  I accept it as a form of Visioning.  We find Divine insights in the Blankness.

So, right now I am very grateful for the blank mind that I began with and for the wonderful Blankness of the One Mind in which we all share.  I thank my own mind for its blank times and just gratefully walk through that blankness into the One Mind.

So, I just release these words into the Law of Blankness knowing that they bring a wonderful power into all of our blankness as we simply accept it as our path to inspiration and insight and Divine Instinct.

We are one in the Blankness and so it is.  Amen.

Treatment for September 9, 2016