Drifting, Settling, Feeling, Thanking, Loving

Treatment by Edward Preston, RScP

I drift into my present moment.  I find the Devine Peace here in my present moment.  I know I am divine, so I know God drifts also.


I settle into this peace in this moment.  I become One with it.  I become One with all of those who read this and settle into the Peace of this present moment.  I know God settles with us here.


I feel really at peace.  I feel real Peace.  I share this reality with all who are with me.  I realize that God feels our peace.


I say “Thank you, Present Moment.”  I am grateful for the peace and the Presence.  I know that God feels my gratitude.


I release these words into the Law of life.  I love the Law.  I love the peace.  I love the Present Moment.  I know God is the Love and the Law and the present moment and We all are God in this moment.


And so it is.  Amen.


Treatment for January 9, 2016