I trust that my body is operating at its optimum

Treatment by Carol A. Haave, RScP

Today I am having minor surgery (scraping/diving for cells) to remove a very deep, cancerous mole.  It literally appeared overnight — the size of a quarter and a half inch high.  Fortunately (and unfortunately) I found it shaving my legs.  If you find a mole that changes dramatically, please go see your dermatologist.  While this is not melanoma they tell me, it can metastasize into melanoma.  I’m just grateful that it dramatically showed itself so that I could deal with it quickly and easily.

Today I know that all is God and all is Good.  Whatever errant cells exist in my body, I realize that they are simply misguided and return to their normal state.  And as I know this for myself, I know if for anyone who is experiencing health challenges.  I trust that my body is operating at its optimum — my cells, my bones, my tissue, all my organs are whole, perfect and complete.  That Divine Intelligence operating as me knows exactly what to do and how to do it in perfect time and in perfect ways.  For that I am grateful.  So I am off to my appointment knowing that I am well.  I release these words knowing they are already manifest and thank God for my healthy, beautiful, fully functioning mind and body.  And so it is!!

February, 5, 2014