A Time for Change

Treatment by Rich Kurasiewicz, RScP
       We’re into Fall now—leaves are starting to turn and temps are cooling, kids are in school, days are shorter in daylight, election season is in full swing, incidents in Tulsa, Charlotte, Burlington, etc. continue unabated. It is a time of change and there may be discomfort. Yet, it is by raising our consciousness through communion with Spirit in daily spiritual practices, we are healed, as God is revealed, and we are in a good place and in peace, joy and harmony with the world. This harmony transcends our lives to all others as a blessing since there is only one Mind, one Body and one Spirit. We are practicing the presence. And so we pray…. 
       God is all there is–the One Power and One Presence, the Living Spirit Almighty: in all, over all, around all, through and throughout all. God is the Alpha and the Omega, the entire Universe, the Creator and the creation, all Life and everything there is. And, I am that I am! I am of the One Power and One Presence; I am the activity of God as Love and Joy in the world. I am perfect, whole and complete and I live, move and have my being in Pure Spirit, God—I am divine. 
       And just as I am perfect, whole and complete, each and everyone is perfect, whole, complete, eternal and immortal.  I declare that each and everyone is conscious of the Truth that sets them free—the Power and Presence of God is in each and everyone and everything. I know that through this recognition of God in and as our lives, we are at Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony which transcend our lives to the lives of all.  I know that each and everyone is divinely guided, directed, led and protected to their highest Good and Greatest yet to be as the activity of God as Love and Joy in the world. I declare that this knowing and revealing is healing for all and a blessing to all as spiritual healing is manifested in the world. We are the light of the world. 
       I am so very grateful for the Light that shines brightly in each and everyone and the Truth that sets us free.  I am grateful for all the Good that is manifested and the healing that occurs in each and everyone and in the world around us.  I am so grateful that this time of change is a time for Joy as Goodness is manifest everywhere. And I release my word unto the Law where it is already known in the mind of God. I know that my word will not return unto me void. I do give thanks that this is so and so it is!
Treatment for September 27, 2016