Vision Mission

Celebration Center is a New Thought community committed to inspiring and supporting individuals on their spiritual journey of investigation, revelation and practical application of our powerful philosophy. We invite you to visit us and explore new possibilities for your life. Our center is dedicated to helping individuals awaken to their divinity, utilize spiritual tools and reveal their magnificence and to draw on their inner power to transform lives and make the world a better place. We offer a practical spiritual teaching that draws on the wisdom of the ages and New Thought principles in order to promote awakening and personal growth.

Our warm, dynamic, loving community is here to welcome you. We encourage you to visit us on Sunday and any of our other offerings, and claim the life your soul is seeking! Whatever your lifestyle or spiritual path, we are delighted that your path has brought you here.

Celebrating Diversity, Embracing Oneness and Revealing Magnificence!

At Celebration Center, we are dedicated to raising the consciousness of all those we encounter and to fostering prosperity in every aspect of life. Through our ministries and other expressions of spiritual community, we nurture, uplift and inspire individuals. Heart-centered connections are made and a deep, rich sense of purpose and service in the community and the world are embraced. We are alive as Spirit. We are here to serve.

We are a welcoming spiritual community rooted in the conviction that prayer works!
We uplift, inspire and empower individuals, families and community to awaken to their purpose through education, service and fellowship by practicing the principles of Science of Mind and Spirit.
We rejoice in the blessings of abundance and the grace of being through Celebrating Diversity, Embracing Oneness and Revealing Magnificence!