Ah, My Blank Mind


Treatment by Ed Preston, RScP


Well, I sit here with a blank mind trying to think of what to write a treatment about.  I love a blank mind when I am going into meditation, but when I am trying to think of what to write about, a blank mind does not help…….unless I just write about a blank mind.


I see the One Mind as a blank mind, not because it is empty, but because my small, finite mind cannot embrace the giant Thoughts and Ideas of the One Mind.  I accept its blankness as a beautiful aspect from my individual perspective.  I know its blankness as a Divine aspect of Mind.  I call it my Mystery.  I recognize my own blankness of mind is a doorway into the One Mind of my mental and spiritual Universe.

I accept my blankness as both a doorway and a viewing window into the One Mind.  I allow my blankness to lead me into that beautiful feeling of Oneness with something so much bigger than myself.   I allow a Peace to emerge from my blankness, which is truly the Peace that passes all understanding.  I unify with the One Mind through my Blankness.  It is also Divine.

I realize that I am joined by a nearly infinite number of other minds who also can celebrate both our blankness and our individual pieces of Big Thoughts.  I return from my Blankness with new thoughts about what to do in my life.  I know we all do this also when we return from Blankness.  I accept it as a form of Visioning.  We find Divine insights in the Blankness.

So, right now I am very grateful for the blank mind that I began with and for the wonderful Blankness of the One Mind in which we all share.  I thank my own mind for its blank times and just gratefully walk through that blankness into the One Mind.

So, I just release these words into the Law of Blankness knowing that they bring a wonderful power into all of our blankness as we simply accept it as our path to inspiration and insight and Divine Instinct.

We are one in the Blankness and so it is.  Amen.

Treatment for September 9, 2016