At Choice

Treatment by Rev. Faith Woods, RScP

Today is my day! (OK – Every day is my day!  And I hope you feel it is your day too!)     Today is my day to hold Celebration Center for Spiritual Living in prayer. And I have. Through this day I have kept you in my heart as I have felt the high energy of Life moving throughout my day.  I have felt this as I did tasks for our Center and in my own home.  I keep breathing and remembering and praying.  This day is here just for me and just for you.  This moment when we acknowledge one another is purely ours.  We become One energy.

There is only One absolute, without beginning, without ending, reaching into the depths and heights and widths and breadths of all we can imagine – and in-between and beyond.  Love, Light, Pure Truth and Knowingness are all attributes of Spirit.

I recognize my connection…to the All that Is, To the Fullness of Love.   And – as I know that the totality of All that is, is beyond my grasp – still I know a bit of It.  I experience It as I am aware and I trust.  I believe I am invited to use this power of good.  I know this experience of connection and more is here for each and every person reading this prayer.  I know that each is part of this Divine energy.

I realize that each of us is at choice.  I know I am at choice in my mind, in my home, at my Center and in the World.  Words that I agree with and words that I question are all good for me to learn and discern.  Wow – how exciting!  I ask:  What do you have to teach me today?  What can I learn from you today?  And I am at choice to be in agreement or not.  I know that each individual is not bound by his or her precedent, and free to move and shift and change and grow when ready and willing to see more.

I am grateful that my mind is free and that I can choose my focus.  I am grateful for this prayer pouring forth before the clock strikes midnight!  I am grateful for you.  I am grateful for our lives here on this planet at this time, knowing we are each serving our unique purpose.  And I am grateful for Life Itself.  I am grateful that we support one another in knowing all good for one another.

What a joy to speak and just be.  What a joy to know that doing is a choice and is an option available to us.  What a joy to know that we are each free to choose how we express our love in the world.

Releasing in Joy.

And so it is.  Amen (and a little woman*)

Treatment for January 18, 2017