Awake with Gratitude


Treatment by Rev. Faith Woods

On this 18th day of the Sweet 16 year, I awake with gratitude. As I recognize one blessing, the others tumble into mind so quickly, saying “here I am – count me! – I am here too – count me. – wait – don’t forget me!! “ And as long as I am willing, they come – to remind me to wake up!

I stay in this space of gratitude until the energy builds and compels me to get out of bed and become attentive to this day with all its opportunities. I remember yesterday and time spent with spiritual community and making new connections. I am grateful for today that holds promises to come, and I am grateful for the prospect of tomorrow and the adventures it holds, knowing all the while, this is the moment I have and I am ready to use it.

Recognizing the Presence of Love from which all this energy arises is beckoning me to use this day, I become willing. Without needing to know what is next I become willing to shine my light, my knowing, and my talents in all the day brings forth. I choose to stay awake today in body, mind and soul in all my activities. As I speak these words, I speak them for all who receive this prayer.

Releasing to the powerful law, I close with final gratitude and the continuation of this energy through this day.

And so it is – Amen

Treatment for January 18, 2016