Being and Becoming

Treatment by Edward Preston, RScP


The night before last, I wrote a treatment for my local Celebration Center email list.  I usually use the same treatment with minor changes for my CSL Practitioner email Treatment, but, the world has changed, again.  That night I was into Ram Dass after reading the February SOM Magazine article, “Polishing the Mirror: An Interview with Ram Dass”.  He has been a hero of mine for many years.   Tonight, I watched a Net Flix movie, “Fractals:  Hunting the Hidden Dimension: NOVA ” ,   It was about Fractal Geometry originated by Benoit Mandelbrot, a French mathematician who published in the 1970s.  It explained Nature as a form of Fractal Geomety.  Since I was a mathematician and systems engineer, I received Mandelbrot as another hero of my life.  As I watched tonight, I came to think about New Thought emphasis on Being and Becoming and I realized that in my life, as an old guy, Ram Dass has largely represented Being and Benoit Mandelbrot has represented Becoming.  They represent the key Duality of Oneness.  Oneness of Being expands into Becoming Many as a Fractal.


I recognize God, Spirit, Presence, Mystery, in everything I see and experience.

We are all simply Being in that collective Oneness.  In our Beingness we are truly One and are Unified in Being.

I now look out into the world of nature, including me, and all of us, and I realize we are products of the Fractal Geometry of Becoming.  We are expanding through our duality into the Manyness of Becoming.  We each expand and repeat and multiply in the reality of Form.

I observe and see and become thankful for both Being and Becoming, for Oneness and Manyness, and in my life, for Ram Dass and Benoit Mandelbrot.  I thank God, which is both of them.

So, I now release myself into Oneness expanding eternally into Manyness as a Fractal structure of my reality.  I let go and let it expand and let it be.  And so it is. Amen.

January 11, 2014