Excellence abounds, celebration is all around, we celebrate freedom and independence, and we make room for the quiet.

Treatment by Tim Phares, RScP

Hello, everyone.  Suzanne and I enjoyed a wonderful Independence Day weekend last week and I had a milestone birthday that was wonderful.  On Saturday here in Laurel, we saw the local fireworks display (which always occurs on the Saturday closest to the Fourth.)  A family sitting behind us brought their dog, so now I know how to say “oooooh….aaaah” in Canine!

     The weather continues to remind us that it is July and Tuesday night I’ll be watching the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, featuring the best players in the game.  Last night, we saw an encore of the Metropolitan Opera Live in HD presentation of Verdi’s Otello, based on the Shakespeare play.  (I can’t help but wonder what Iago’s backstory is.  What made him the guy we see in the play?)
     Excellence abounds, celebration is all around, we celebrate freedom and independence, and somewhere in all that we make room for the quiet.  In the quiet peace, we celebrate freedom and excellence.  We celebrate the right to pursue excellence, the highest and best, in our own individual ways — and the ways that our individual ways fit together into a seamless, unified whole.
     And so we treat together.
     There is only One Life.  That Life is God, in all, as all, through all, around all.  That Life is perfect and that Life is my life now.  It is the life of every one of us right now and always.
     I know that all God is is expressed and reflected in, as, and through each of us.  The harmony of God shows up in the beautiful music of the opera.  The grace of God shows up in the athleticism of the All-Stars.  The excitement of God shows up in our canine friend.  The celebration and joy of God show up in the fireworks and the other celebrations.  The peace of God shows up as each of us as we quietly contemplate the many wonderful ways that God shows up.
     I know that in every endeavor, we express that harmony, that grace, that excitement, that celebration, that peace.  We simply show up as our highest and best, expressing just as fully as we know how.  Each activity, each moment is lifted up by our showing up in the way we do.  We accept the highest, best, deepest life, filled with abundance, health, joy, peace, and good of all kinds.
      I am thankful for that harmony, that grace, that excitement, that celebration, that peace.  I am grateful.  I remember the words of Khalil Gibran: “You pray in your distress and in your need; would that you might pray also in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance.”  For all of that, I am grateful.
      And so, in the deepest gratitude, I release my word to the Law, knowing it is done and done well.  it is manifest; it cannot come back void.  The Universe simply doesn’t work that way.  And so I let go, let God, and know it is so.
     And SO it IS.
July 10, 2014

“Horrible” is just ready to launch into “wonderful” and together they are Divine.

Treatment by Ed Preston, RScP
     When I have to write a treatment with a scheduled deadline, I sometimes just start wherever I am.  Tonight that does not feel like a good place.  It’s been a day of disaster.  My very old version of Quicken (book keeping software) on my very old iMac computer started, four days ago, refusing to send electronic bill paying instructions to my bank and blaming it on my bank.  I went to the bank today and they talked to their tech support and said my online account was fine and the problem must be with Quicken.  I got a remote tech support person to log on to my computer to see what was wrong.  In a heavy Indian accent he informed me I would have to upgrade to a new version of Quicken, which would be $99.  I said, “Go ahead”.  Two hours later he simply texted me that they would refund my $99, because he could not help me.  I’m a lot older than either my Quicken or my computer, so I just screamed for a little while.  Now I ask myself how can I turn this into a positive thing in my life.
     I recognize that God is all there is.  So, my old ancient version of Quicken is Divine.  My ancient iMac is Divine.  The tech support guy with the Indian accent is Divine.  My bank is Divine.  Somehow, total frustration must also be Divine, since I am Divine.
     I now simply say, “What more?” and I allow all these Divine things to blend and become One with my new iMac which is also sitting on my desk and is Divine, with a new version of Quicken for my new iMac which only costs $49 on line and is Divine as it gets ready to download to the new iMac.  I will become One with my Apple Technician as I ask for help in getting my financial database moved from the old iMac to the new iMac. So, old and new unify into NOW in my life as I simply choose to bring them together.
     I simply recognize that “horrible” is just ready to launch into “wonderful” and together they are Divine.  I will realize a new financial life with a new version of Quicken on my relatively new iMac.  I ask God for “help” and It shows up as a wonderful Apple Technician who gets my data moved from the old Divine to the new Divine iMac.  I feel a brother/sisterhood with everyone who has ever felt victimized by technology.  Yet, I realize that technology is still part of God and Divine.  So, I love my old iMac and old Quicken as they are replaced by my newer iMac and a new Quicken.  The new is now my Reality because I simply allow it to be.
     I give thanks for the glory that can come from two hours of total frustration as it is simply released.  I am grateful that the New is always Imminent and Divine as I release the Old.  Yet I love both Old and New.  They work together today to bring gratitude into my life right now.  I say, thank you Spirit for this beautiful day, in amazement that I can say that and mean it.  I give thanks.
     So, I release my old iMac and old Quicken into beautiful memories of years of service.  I release frustration with technology knowing it is still offering new possibilities in my life.  I release the words “old” and “new” into NOW and let them be.
     May you all join me here in this place of peace.  And so it is.
PS:  It is now a night later and I just tried one more time to upload an bill payment from my old Quicken on my old iMac and, suddenly, it worked.  So, now I have an easier time making both Old and New Divine.  I love life.
 July 9, 2014

In Awe.


Treatment by Rev. Trish Hall

Dear Ones …

Ah … the intention to write at dawn got swept into the day, swirled in thoughts and prayers, in meditation and mediations, distinctions and decisions … into the whole collage of life.  How wonder-filled is my life when I slow to the appreciate it all!  Wow!!  And now, I slow even more to come to the stilling of my body, the simplifying and clearing of my mind.  In this moment of respite, it becomes easy to apprehend the Presence in and as everything.  I am in awe.  I needn’t try to use words for words retard the experience of awe.

In awe, I rest …

In awe, I marvel …

In awe, I am … [stay as long as you like]

When I return my attention to thought and my surroundings, I am so filled with gratitude that I feel like a newly popped bottle of champagne, bubbling over.

I realize that this that I am experiencing is already known and is being fulfilled in the Mind of God as I am experiencing it.  It is complete and yet never to be completed.  It is so. And so It is!

 July 2, 2014

To Everything There is a Season


Treatment by Peter Fitzner, RScP

     1To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:  So says the beginning of Chapter 3 of the book of Ecclesiastes in the Christian Bible.   And so it is a season of change at the Celebration Center.  We experience the change in different ways and on different levels.  There is the physical experience. There is the emotional experience.  There is the spiritual experience.  There is the remembrance that at the center of it all, is God.  Absolutely nothing “under the heaven” happens apart from God, for God is all there is.  And knowing that truth, I remember that whatever human emotions I am experiencing, on a spiritual level, God has it handled and all is moving forward in Divine right order, whatever that looks like.

And so I know that there is only ONE.  One Life, One First Cause back of everything.   I call it God.  I know it as the Celebration Center.  I know it as each member, guest, practitioner and minister present at the Center now, or who has ever been present there.  Each individual is the expression of God in human form.  Each expressing in his or her unique way.  And it is the combination of all of these expressions of  the Divine that make a spiritual community.  Like minded individuals coming together to celebrate, to learn, to live and to evolve into ever higher levels of consciousness.

And knowing this Truth, I know about the Celebration Center, that it is ever evolving into its next greatest expression — an expression already known in the Mind of God.  That evolution began when the Center was founded, and it continues today.  It is a process made up of all of the ideas, thoughts, energies and synergies that individual expressions of the Divine have brought and continue to bring to it.  And, I know that it is always Divinely guided.  I know that Divine Love is present always, and that Divine Love moves the Center in the best possible direction.  And I know comfort and solace for any who are feeling challenged by the change.  For I know that change is ever occurring, and that it stirs emotions.  For some, it stirs positive emotions, for others, negative.  Yet I remember that right smack in the middle of all of these emotions is the presence of God.  And as I know that truth, I know that all is well, and all are well.

So, I feel gratitude inside me.  Gratitude for the Celebration Center and for the Science of Mind philosophy, from which I know that all is well on a spiritual level, whatever it may look like on the human level.

I release my words into the law, knowing they are already known in the Mind of God, and knowing they are absolutely assured of fulfillment.

I let go and let God.

And so it is!

Peace and Blessings.


July 1, 2014



Life Expressing as Change and Growth.

Treatment by Rich Kurasiewicz, RScP
     It’s summer–we had the summer solstice and it’s getting warmer….we’re seeing more change evrywhere and change is good. It’s Life expressing as change and growth and more life in all aspects and facets. We are changing, too–growing, expanding and expriencing more life. While we see the change without, deep within is the one constant, the One Power and the One Presence. When we fully open to this energy, the One Mind, and let it guide us through the changes that life brings into our experience, we know the Truth and It sets us free–we are a divine incarnation as an activity of God as Love in the world and we are blessed and a blessing to everyone we come in contact with for we are all One. And so we pray….
     God is the One Power, the One Presence, the One Mind, the One Life–God is all there is, the Creator and the creation and all Life, what we consider animate and inanimate! God is Good and Pure Love forever expanding and growing–the Indescribable Infinite! And I am that I am. I am One of and am this One Power, Presence, Life, Energy, Love, and a Co-Creator! I am divine for the Kingdom of God and Heaven is within–I need to look no further than to go within! And, just as I am perfect, whole and complete, I know that each and everyone everywhere is perfect, whole and complete. I know that each has within the Kingdom of God and Good and is the expression of and the activity of God as Love in the world. I declare that this Divine Truth sets everyone free to live a fully fulfilled life through the Power of Love. I know that each and everyone forgives themselves and everyone else and in this release of energy as Love, the Truth manifests in everyone’s lives as each and everyone is guided and directed to their highest good and greatest yet to be. I declare that all are a blessing to themselves and everyone they come in contact with as each and everyone lives in the flow of life–and it is Good!
      I am so very grateful for the Truth and the power and the Presence that is always available and within. I am so exceedingly grateful for the goodness manifesed in everything and everyone by the One Power, One Presence. I am so grateful for the abundance of Good and life in the One Life and the Truth that is immediately available and sets everyone free, right now! And I release my word unto the Law where it is already known in the mind of God and is fulfilled. My word will not return unto me void. I give thanks that this is so and so it is!
June 27, 2014

The Global Vision

Each month in 2016, we will be focusing on a different aspect of the Global Vision. Join us as we explore.

We see a world that works for everyone

  • Where all life is honored as expressions of the Divine
  • Where people live according to spiritual truth
  • Where humanity awakens to spiritual magnificence
  • Where humanity rediscovers personal creative power
  • Where we live as one global family
  • Where kinship with all life prospers
  • Where unity and connection is emphasized
  • Where forgiveness is the norm
  • Where spiritual guidance is valued
  • Where we are called to conscious social action
  • Where people have enough food, homes and a sense of belonging
  • Where there is peace, harmony, and justice for all.
  • Where resources are valued, cared for, and shared
  • Where communities are meaningfully involved in service to the world
  • Where there is a renewed emphasis on beauty, nature, creativity, art, and aesthetics.

Maleficent — Knocking Down Walls With the Power of Love

This past Friday Suzanne and I went to see Maleficent.  It’s the backstory of Sleeping Beauty, featuring Angelina Jolie as the title character, who first appears by name in the classic Disney version of Sleeping Beauty.
I will try not to reveal too much plot or any spoilers, but there are a couple of metaphysical lessons in this movie.
We first meet Maleficent as a young girl, a fairy who is a leader of the fairy kingdom.  Across the moors is a kingdom of humans and the two barely get along.  One day, a young man named Stefan comes into the kingdom and he and Maleficent become fast friends and fall in love.  On her sixteenth birthday, he gives Maleficent the gift of “true love’s kiss” — but sadly, it does not last.  His ambition to be king causes him to betray her.
The King wants Maleficent killed.  Whoever can do it will be his successor.  Stefan cuts off her wings and brings them to the King.  He is anointed successor.
The years pass, and King Stefan and his queen have a child, a princess they name Aurora.  (Aurora means “light”.  It is also the name of the goddess of the dawn.)  From here, much of the familiar story of Sleeping Beauty kicks in, but with additional wrinkles.
Seeking revenge, Maleficent lays a curse on Princess Aurora — that on her sixteenth birthday, she will prick her finger and go into “a sleep like death” that can only be broken by “true love’s kiss.”  Stefan entrusts Aurora to the care of three pixies until the day after her sixteenth birthday.
Maleficent saves a bird named Diaval and turns him into a human.  He switches back and forth at various times to be Maleficent’s wings. She also constructs a wall of thorns to keep the humans from Stefan’s kingdom from ever again setting foot in the moors.  (The moors are also protected by some very strange looking creatures that made me think that some who failed auditions to be orcs and ents in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies found jobs at Disney.)
Every day Maleficent watches Aurora, to the point that when Aurora finally meets her, she identifies Maleficent as her fairy godmother.  By this time, Maleficent has developed a real love for Aurora and is trying to find a way to undo her curse.  Unfortunately, when she spoke it, she decreed that no power on Earth could break it.  (It takes a power greater than that of humans and fairies.)
Eventually, Maleficent tears down her own wall and heads for the castle to try to save Aurora, but she is too late and Aurora is in the deep death-like sleep decreed by the curse.  A prince from another kingdom arrives  and he kisses her, but that doesn’t do the job.  Eventually, however, the right kiss arrives and she awakes.
Meanwhile, Stefan is trying to kill Maleficent.  There is a great battle, Maleficent turns Diaval into a dragon, but they’re trapped.  However, Aurora has been poking around the castle and comes on the display case where Maleficent’s wings are stored.  She breaks it, the wings fly in, the day is saved.
What do we draw from this story?
First, the power of love.  It takes true love to awaken Aurora and it takes true love to end Maleficent’s desire for revenge.  (She also realizes that Aurora may be the way to peace between the two kingdoms.)  Their love for each other saves them both.  The movie is a testament to the power of love to overcome the hatreds of the world.  Love overcomes revenge and causes Maleficent to release it.
Second, we see that only you can tear down your walls.  No one can do it for you.  And as long as those walls stand, you cannot let anyone in.  That cuts you off from the world.  Breaking down those walls is essential for love to flourish.
All in all, a lovely afternoon well spent.

Breathing In – Breathing Out


Treatment by Rev. Faith Woods, RScP

Breathing in – Breathing out


Breathing in – Breathing out

Spirit creeps into my conscious mind…

Breathing in – Breathing out

The perfection of the frustration becomes known…

As I invited Spirit to be the guide of each moment this day, I know that the forgotten phone, the mis-take of time and date on my calendar, the edgy feeling of the office, is all here to beckon me to look deeper and recognize that Spirit is in charge. All these random events invite me to pay attention. They are notations in the ebb and flow of Life – reminders that there is more than this. I recognize the fullness of the time that is here now. Recognizing there is only One life I know that the potential is present for me, for us, to choose each moment as full and rich and perfect just as it is.

I turn my awareness to the philosophy and way of life I have chosen. I choose to know that as each person casts his/her light and talent into the pool that is known as Celebration Center for Spiritual Living, our presence in the world shines brighter. I see this pool is filled and refreshed as each person shows up and we create an oceanic wave of love. Knowing this moment is forever constant and forever changing, I say “yes” to the expansiveness of Science of Mind and those dedicated to it.

Celebration Center is richly blessed, abundant, loving and lovable, peace filled, healthy and ever expanding as its love of life resounds through the universe. The wholeness and perfection of Spirit is found right here, right now in our lives and in the organization we are part of.

Breathing in – Breathing out

I go deep into Gratitude…

Breathing in – Breathing out

Peace seeps into my awareness…

Breathing in – Breathing out

I go deep into Love…

I go deeper and release this prayer into the perfect Law,

As so it is

 June 18, 2014

God as my “Wing-man.”


Treatment by Carol A. Haave, RScP

     Have you ever started something new that you were really excited about?  Time just seems to fly, doesn’t it?  That IS “The Fountain of Youth” 🙂  There is an energy and an anticipation about what might be when we start a new project, job or endeavor.  We eagerly await the future while creating our masterpiece in the present.  And it’s delicious.  We seem to have more energy and more time — for everything — even though we are busier than we ever have been recently.  That’s how we defy aging — to be so engrossed in something new or something that we love — that time stands still almost.

     Today, I am grounded in the present but am eagerly anticipating the future.  I am visioning the success of my new launch and know that it has been Divinely inspired to help thousands of people become passionate about their work and their lives.  As each person is touched by what they learn about themselves and the trans formation process for profound meaningful change in organizations, they extend a positive reach exponentially throughout my community, the country and maybe even the world.
     I give my gifts in service and know that they were imbued in me by God.  Only I can provide this experience to others in this way, as no one else has the experience, knowledge, skills and talents identically that I do.  People who need to hear my message are naturally drawn to me.  I love what I do, and I make oodles of money doing it — money that can then be used to support people and causes that I care about and believe in.
     Thank you, thank you God for this gift.  I am so excited about the possibilities, and I am open to Divine guidance about next steps.  I know that my vision may be limited by my experience in the world, but I open to a grander vision of Divine Intelligence that acts on my behalf and attracts to m e the perfect clients and customers for my work.
     I have a “huge” meeting on Thursday that I am confident will be successful with God as my “wing-man.”  Releasing these words into the Law and knowing their Truth for me and for anyone else who has a grand vision of how to bring their unique gifts in the world, I let go.  And like a little child, I wait expectedly knowing that God is my Source and my Supply and that all is fabulously well!  Success is mine.  And so it is!!
June 16, 2014

Change is in the Air


Treatment by Tim Phares, RScP

Change is in the air.  We’ve had several cloudbursts here, right in the middle of warm and dry days.  The political world gave us a major upset tonight as the House Majority Leader went down to an obscure college professor.  Whether it’s weather, politics, theatre, sports, or whatever, change is definitely in the air.

     How do we handle it?  Do we resist it?  Resistance is energy (ironically measured in “Ohms”), so when we resist, we simply add energy to what we’re resisting.  Do we simply sit and allow?  That opens the door to being overwhelmed by changes that perhaps are not for our highest and best and/or not the direction we want to go.  But we let ourselves go with the flow, rowing and paddling to manage it the entire time.  We don’t resist, we don’t sit back and crash on the rocks, we paddle.
     This morning on the radio on a talk show, I heard the host say that when I change my mind, the world changes.  When we choose to be happy, when that happiness comes from within, we make better choices.  Our worldview improves.  We’re more harmonious.  (If I mentioned the name of the host, you’d be really surprised, but he says this sort of thing a lot.)  This summer, he urged, let’s reset and restart.     So we simply choose to paddle, to restart, to be in the harmony, as we pray.
     The One Life is All There Is.  It is your life, it is my life.
     I know that as the One Life in expression, in form, I reflect what the One Life is — harmony, new beginnings, openings, opportunity, that is what I am.  Every moment is a restart, a reset, a new direction to paddle, an opportunity to sing harmony, or melody, and let my individual contribution reflect and enrich the entirety of the tune.  We are in tune with each other and with the stillness that is at the center of all the change.
     I accept this with deep gratitude.
     I know it’s done, I let it be done, and it is done.
     And SO it IS!

 June 10, 2014