Busy Is As Busy Does

Treatment by Ed Preston, RScP 
Wow, “busy is as busy does.”  As a child I constantly tried to figure out what that meant.  Now I’m 80 and still trying to figure it out, but I’m getting closer.  Yesterday I was very busy, so I did not get to write my treatment ahead of time.  And today has been full up to now, almost 7 pm as I start writing.  So, up to now, these two days have been “busy is as busy doesn’t,” at least as far as writing treatments is concerned.  Now I get to turn it back to the original, as long as I get it done before midnight.  
So, I just accept “busy” as a wonderful, blissful state when I am happy just getting things done.  I find I can even be happy thinking about the things still waiting to be done, because that means more wonderful, blissful busyness.  I just accept busyness as a very Divine aspect of life, especially when I think how busy Spirit or God is, beyond just being me.  
I allow my busyness to join me with the busyness of all my friends and family and fellow humans as we progress through life getting so much done.  I know much of one person’s busyness, does not work counter to another persons busyness.  Sometimes we undo, and sometimes we just do more.  But, in our Oneness, we do collectively get a lot done and can even get more done together.  We truly are One in our busyness.  
I just realize that some of my busyness accomplishes even more of what I have done before, some creates something completely new, and some simply corrects or redoes something that kept me busy in the past.  It is all beautiful busyness.  I accept it all for myself and for everyone who reads this in their busy day.  
As a child I sometimes feared being bored.  As I age, I release that fear since I have yet to experience boredom, thanks to my eternal busyness.  I just say thank you, Spirit, for my busyness and for all of our Busyness in doing your work.
So, I release boredom into the nothingness from which it came, and I release these words of Busyness into the Law, knowing they work in all life, especially in all the lives of those reading these words.  I now go on to be busy doing nothing, in meditation.  
And so it is.  Amen.
Treatment for July 9, 2017