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Each "layer" is actually a separate calendar with its own color as indicated below

  Calendar Name Includes
  Recurring Events services, rehearsals
  Classes and Special Events (merit public attention public) classes, workshops, SOCA, mens group, concerts, orientations, Annual Meeting
  LC & Prac Meetings monthly and special meetings of Leadership Council and Practitioners
  Rentals to unaffilliated third parties events that we do not advertise
  Admin deadlines for minister search, elections, pledges, and annual meetings


Secretary's Annual meeting duties

-Receive a list of candidates from the nominating committee 60 days prior to election
-Communicate the list of candidates to all members 21 days prior to the election
-Create ballots with candidate names
-Certify the list of members
-Maintain, and certify, and publish semi-annually a list containing the name, mailing address and telephone number of all voting members
  -Post those  names in the Sanctuary forty-five (45) days before each ¬†Annual Meeting and take corrections
  -Post a corrected roster of eligible voters seven (7) days prior to the meeting.
  -Register voters as they arrive at the annual meeting