Prayer of the Day

Leaning Forward Together

Treatment by Ed Preston, RScP


“What is the feeling when you’re driving away from people and they recede on the plain till you see their specks dispersing? – it’s the too-huge world vaulting us, and it’s good-by. But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies.” ~ Jack Kerouac, On The Road

That was a quote used by Rev Jim Lockhart, Center for Spiritual Living Simi Valley, CA, to begin a memorial message he sent for the service we had for Carol, a member of our Center some time ago, and who was back here with us when she passed away.  I had the honor of reading his memory of Carol for our Memorial service.

Both Rev Jim’s memories of Carol and the quote from Jack Kerouac are still with me now, four nights later, and I love them.  As Carol fades, it’s really a “too-huge world vaulting us”, but it’s not “good-by”.


I come to my place of peace, where I go each time the “too-huge world vaults” me.  I find my peace with Pa, and Ma, and Robert, and Florence, and David and Carol, and with all who have said “good-by” to this too-huge world, but not to me.  I did not say “good-by” to them, and they all are still here with me in memory and mind and Spirit.  They are still “leaning forward “ with me as I move to my “next crazy venture beneath our sky”.  We lean together into the next adventure.  It is our adventure together, and I allow myself to become a Devine vehicle by which they can live forever.

My turn will come also to say “good-by” to this “too huge, vaulting” world, to become a speck dispersing.  But, I will not say “good-by” to all of you or to all of my friends and loved ones.  I know I too will live on in memory and mind and Spirit.  I see this for all I know and for all who read this and we are One in our power to just “lean forward to the next crazy adventure” in Mind.  We choose together to go on.

So, in reality, I know there is no reality out there.  That is only the too huge vaulting world and the sky beyond, under which we find our next crazy venture.  We make our own reality by simply “leaning forward”.  And so, as we lean together, I realize we lean as One.  We are One.  We each find our own crazy venture, so we are unique and diverse in our craziness.  It is that craziness in which I now rejoice and for which I thank God.

We are all specks dispersing in an Infinite World of Spirit.  Yet, we each go on in memory and Mind knowing that we can just continue to lean forward and Be what we want to Be.  For that I am so thankful.

So, I release my need to recede or to see others receding, or to disperse and say “good by”.  I release these words into the vaulting world of both form and Spirit, knowing that they both simply allow me to just Be.  So, I continue to just Be, slightly leaning forward as I just let it all Be.

And so it is.  Amen

Treatment for September 9, 2014

Change and Constancy


Treatment by Rich Kurasiewicz

Labor Day and almost the start of Fall! Summer is fading and school is starting! Changes are visible, and the One Presence and One Power—the Living Spirit Almighty—remains constant. It is everywhere present, it is the Creator and the Creation, All Life and everything there is. Through spiritual practices—meditation, prayer, visioning, etc.—we can consciously perceive our Oneness, Wholeness and Unity with the Spirit. For there is no separation, no duality—there is only One God and One Life and it is in each one of us. When we go within, we know the Truth that sets us free and the Divine guidance, direction and protection lead us to our highest Good and greatest yet to be. And so we pray….

There is only One Life. That Life is God’s Life. That Life is Perfect, Whole, Complete, Eternal and Immortal. That Life is my Life right here and Now! There is only One Presence and One Power and it is God and it is Good. It is Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent and always available and unchanging. And I am that I am! I am one with this Power, Presence and Living Spirit Almighty. This is the Truth that sets me free. And just as I am perfect, whole and complete, each and everyone is Perfect, Whole, Complete, Eternal and Immortal—a Divine Individualization and Incarnation of Good. I know that we are one with everything and everyone and are Divinely guided, directed, led and protected to our highest good and greatest yet to be through living Life from within, surrendering and accepting the gifts that have already been given. I declare that we already are living in the Kingdom of Good and that the Law works for each and everyone as the Truth sets us free. Life is Good; it is abundant and it is available for all.

I am exceedingly grateful for the knowledge and experience of the Truth by each and everyone and the Divine Guidance, Direction and Protection that is always present and available on the path to our highest good and greatest yet to be. I am grateful for the Unity and Love that binds each and everyone to the Whole and the Truth and allows us to Live the One Life in the Kingdom of Good as we know all is well as underneath are the everlasting arms.

I speak my Word unto the Law, where it is already known in the Mind of God. I release it and let it go and know that it will not return unto me void. I give thanks that this is so and so it is!

Treatment for August 27, 2014

Every Thing Has a Season and a Purpose

Treatment by Carol Haave, RScP

     It’s hard to believe that it’s August here.  The mornings are cool; the days not excruciatingly hot; the sky is blue; and life is good.

     As I listen to the sound of the waterfall and the birds chirping, I am reminded that “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1).  Every thing has a season and a purpose “under” God — you, me, the birds, the mountains, the oceans, flowers.  Every thing we can imagine has a right and purpose to be here, at this moment in time.
     Today I realize and admit to myself that I, too, have a purpose under heaven.  There is a reason I am here on the planet at this time.  There is no one alive today who has the same exact skills, talents, knowledge and experience I do.  No one else, but me, can bring forth that package — me — into the world in a way that contributes to the best of who I am and who, coll ectively, the world can become.  My voice is absolutely necessary to the harmonic symphony of everyday life.  I don’t shirk my responsibility or shrink from it.  Today I am happy to bring my gifts to every situation I encounter.  I strive to make every relationship/every activity better than it was before.  I am humbled when I see the God essence of those around me even when they can’t see it in themselves.  I am Divinely led to the perfect words and actions to make every situation better.
     Thank you, God, for this glorious day and for all the blessings in my life.  I reflect on the gift that I am — that others are — and know that all is well in my world, right now.  I release these words into the Law that sustains Life for all time and know their immediate manifestation.  The world is uplifted one person, one thought at a time, and I happily contribute to its well-being.  So it is!!
Treatment for August 16, 2014

Planting the Seed of My Intention


Treatment by Caron Ward, RScP

I don’t consider myself a gardener…I don’t really enjoy spending hours in my yard planting flowers or pulling weeds ….so last spring, I found packets of seeds that promised beautiful flowers with minimal effort…and so I sprinkled the seeds liberally on the border of my sidewalk and covered the seeds with some leftover mulch and didn’t pay attention to them much…I let the sun and rain do its thing….and now, I have these tall gorgeous zinneas of pinks and purples with  golden spikes at their centers that greet me as I come and go…how simple…my kind of ‘gardening’!!

In the blooming of these beautiful flowers, as in all that there is, I see the perfect Creative Force of G-d – or  Spirit, or the Presence, or the One Mind, whichever term feels most comfortable –  in the transformation of  these tiny, almost imperceptible seeds to tall graceful stems topped with magenta, lavender, deep purple, and gold…with little effort they bloom forth …it is their destiny….

It is in Unity with this same Creative Force that I live, move, breathe, grow, expand into life, blooming forth new experiences, and allowing the richness of brilliant colors to fill my vision… I plant the seed of my intention firmly in faith, in the knowing that what I focus on becomes that which I experience; in the certainty that as I release the need to control and allow G-d to create, my intention is fulfilled, my destiny is unfolding…in wondrous ways…in ways that I cannot even imagine…

How grateful I am for knowing that I am One with G-d, with the beauty and brilliance that is infinitely unfolding.  I am thankful for my faith and the knowing that this is true for everyone, everywhere, in every moment…I simply look around and see the beauty that is all around us!

It is with this gratitude and faith that I release these words into Law, knowing that they are true…

And so it is!

 Treatment for August 15, 2014

Unexpected Blessings

Treatment by Tim Phares, RScP


What an interesting day!  Suzanne and I set out to go peach picking, but on the way, a helpful fellow driver pointed out to us that one of our tires was going flat.  We went into Columbia Mall looking for someplace to get the tire changed so we could be on our way.  Thankfully, they had a Sears with an auto care place.  Unfortunately, it was going to take a couple of hours to get to us.  Now we were stuck at the mall.

We grabbed a bite at the food court and browsed some of the stores.  then the auto care people found a couple of other things that were going to take longer.   We wandered around the Mall a bit more (OK, a lot more) and came upon a clothing store that is closing (sadly.)  Suzanne got some very nice sweaters for 80-90 percent off.
We never did get to the farm to pick peaches.  That will have to wait for another day.  However, we were well fed, our car was taken care of, and we found some great bargains.  The flexibility to just go with it instead of resisting it created the opportunity for unexpected good to show up.
So we treat.
There is One Life, One Mind, One Power, One Presence.  It is God, in all, as all, through all, and around all.  Each of us is Its conscious, deliberate, intentional expression.
Knowing that God is prosperity, abundance, right action, flow, I know that I am all these things as I open to accept them.  Knowing that god is timeless, I know that I have all the time needed to do all that I choose to do and experience all that I choose to experience, even when it seems very different from the plan.
I know that flexibility is the opening to the fuller expression of the Divine energy in my life.  I know that I am right now abundantly experiencing and affording all that I choose.  I know that my life is filled with blessings, some expected, some unexpected, but all welcome.
I am grateful for the opportunity to experience unexpected blessings and have unexpected experiences.  I am grateful for the way Divine Order shows up in my life, filling all parts of my life with blessings.
In that gratitude, I simply let go, let God, and know that this is so, that I am blessed, that each of us is deeply blessed, and I know that my word is fulfilled.  It is well done now and always.And SO it IS!

Treatment for August 10, 2014

Ah, The Vibrations of Life


Treatment by Ed Preston, RScP


Well, here I am again, on the night before my treatment date, wondering what its all about.  This morning I  had a FaceTime prayer session with my prayer partner in Germany.  He’s American and we really connect and talk for an hour before we pray.  Then I spent the day planting Pachysandra in a big garden space along the side of our house.  At age 77, all of these things can be either mentally or physically exhausting.  Right now,  I’m feeling physically exhausted but mentally ready for whatever is next.  So, what’s next?  I go with the flow.

In the prayer session with my partner in Germany, he began early using the word “release” which sort of jumped into my attention.  Then my 20-year-old mantra came to mind, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1)  So for today, In the Beginning was the Word “Release”, and “Release” was with God and “Release” was God.

But life and prayer move on moment by moment.  In the next moment my prayer partner said “vibration” which rang my bell.  I suddenly let that be the new word.  In the beginning was the Word “Vibration” and the Word “Vibration was with God and the Word “Vibration” was God.  My mind began asking about “Vibration”, as I often do about “God”.  It is going back and forth between two opposites.  I asked myself as I prayed, how do “Release” and “Vibration” play together.  The other side of  “Release” came as “Attention”.  So, I went into Vibration between Release and Attention.  I simply chose to have a very low frequency of vibration between them.  So, today, one cycle of the vibration has had one hour of “Release” and one hour of “Attention” over and over and over.  I love the vibration of Release and Attention.


And so I pray.  I begin by recognizing that In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Today I bring together and unify my three words, “Release” and “Attention” and “Vibration”.   I simply Vibrate between Release and Attention knowing this brings me to God, to my energy of Oneness.

I realize I can choose the frequency of the Vibration of my God of today.  It is one cycle every two hours.  I know we can all operate at that frequency.  We shine together in Release and then paying Attention to our lives.  They light our life with a wonderful glow of energy of very low frequency.  It is the frequency of Bliss.  We Release and then we pay Attention.

It is this merger of Words from the beginning that I am so thankful for today.  I am so Grateful for Release, so Thankful for Attention and so Blissful with the Vibration of them in my life and in all life.

I now release these words into the Beginning knowing they are with God and they are God.  I let it Be and so it is.  Amen.

 Treatment for August 9, 2014


Ah, I Bask, I Listen, I Know, I Thank and I Let It Be.

Treatment by Carol Haave, RScP

     I recently spent a week at La Costa outside San Diego for a training conference.  Isn’t that the way it should be?  Fabulous training in beautiful locations where you can feed your brain and soothe your Soul?  What have you done lately to invest in your head and heart?

     I look around me, and I see the beauty and nature of All that is.  And I am grateful for It.  I’m grateful for the birds nesting in the trees outside my window and for their songs that start maybe a bit too early in the morning (but that’s OK).  I’m grateful for the Bay and the ocean and all the waters of the world that provide us peace and tranquility as we gaze out from the shore towards the horizon.  I’m grateful for the colors of the flowers and the bees that pollinate them, buzzing around my head as I read.  I’m grateful for all the gifts that I have, too many to mention, but that make my life richer and more colorful.
     Today, I’m grateful to know that God is my Source.  I invest my financial prosperity today to take care of myself — my head and my heart — in some way.  Maybe I’ll get on a training phone call or maybe I’ll meditate outside by the waterfall in the pond.  Maybe I’ll take a walk in Nature with my puppy or smell the salt air by the ocean.  What can I do today to invest in myself, in my Soul?  I am Divinely guided to the perfect activity knowing that it is for my highest and best good.  I eagerly await the “sign” that leads me in that perfect direction to that perfect place where I can rest and relax and know that all is truly OK.  I let go of my busyness so that I can draw energy from the stillness and listen for the still, small voice within that guides me perfectly to my next training.  Will it be LA, Paris, London, the Seychelles or Botswana?  Where do I want to go physically and/or mentally? & nbsp;What feeds my head and heart right now? Where do I want to make a difference in the world?
     And so I am quiet.  I bask in the quiet filled with the sounds of Nature.  I listen for Spirit’s call knowing that I can feed my head and my heart in ways that I can’t even dream of.  Life is delicious!  Thank you, God, for the manifestations in my life that allow me to travel to fabulous places and learn amazing things as I continue my head and heart’s journey where it leads me.  And so it is!!

Treatment for August 5, 2014 

Transitions Can Trigger Transformation …

Treatment by Rev. Trish Hall,

As we move through life, circumstances change.  We change in response …. actually, we cannot not change when our circumstances change.  We can opt to flow with.  We can go into resistance.  We can gleefully embrace the possibilities that accompany change … and … we can choose to be transformed as we consciously embrace our new beginnings.  The distinction between change and transformation is sustainability.  Change is always made in comparison with the past.  Transformation is self-originating: catalysts may prompt it, however, it is independent from the past.  It is chosen, embraced and embodied.  We have in each moment the possibility of being transformed … of being brand new.  Let’s all be bold, lean into Spirit and celebrate being t ransformed!

This I know for sure!  There is only THE ONE and THE ONE is expressing Itself as all that is the world of form in which we live.  I know that I am one with and inseparable from all of God in expression.  Knowing this, I know that I am pure potentiality in no way limited by any past experience.  I know that what I state about myself is true of all, so on behalf of all, I now declare from this place of Divine Freedom, that each person reading this prayer is now emerging from past delusions of limitation into radiant Life.  Each is now embracing and embodying their Divine Birthright:  Illimitable Pure Potentiality!  As I fling open to this on behalf of each of us, immeasurable gratitude arises within me spilling over – touching and transforming every life it encounters.  That knowing and that gratitude are now presenting the options of change … the possibility of transformation.  I see it!   I know it! In total confidence and conviction, I release my word, know it is already known in the Mind of God, so it is absolutely assured of fulfillment.  I know It is so! … and so it is!!!

Treatment for August 2, 2014


To Create the Center as it Exists Today, and to Prepare the Center for its Next Best to Be, However that Manifests.

Treatment by Peter Fitzner, RScP
     After all the recent changes at the Celebration Center, I thought it a good Time to express gratitude. Gratitude for where we have been, and for all who contributed to the humble beginnings as the National Science of Mind Center, right up until now. Gratitude for all of the classes, the teachers, the teachings, the ministers, and all the lives that have been positively changed through involvement with the Center. And, all of the Practitioners and Ministers whose very first experience with RS was right at our Center, and who have spread out all over the country to share this philosophy with others. All of these have combined to create the Center as it exists today, and to prepare the Center for its next best to be, however that manifests.
     So in that place of gratitude, I know that there is only One Life — the Life of God, which is expressing as each of us and as the collective called the Celebration Center. I know that this Life is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent. As such I also know that wherever we are, God is. As the individualized expressions of the Divine, we are each imbued with the ability to create the Life we desire. That holds true for the Celebration Center, as well. It, too is a creative force, created by the collective consciousness of all who participate in it and partake of it, and so I know that:The Celebration Center moves forward on its Divine Right Path, in gratitude for what has come before, and in gratitude for what is yet to come. The path is made clear, and the manifestation is already known in the Mind Of God, and is revealing itself right now. I see the collective consciousness of the Center releasing any stories, any negativity, and any thoughts of lack or limitation, and just opening to all possibilities.Remaining in a state of gratitude, I release my word into the action of the Law, knowing it is already done in the Mind Of God.

I let go, and let God.

And so it is

Treatment for August 1, 20014


The Dog Days of Summer and Going Through Changes.

Treatment by Rich Kurasiewicz, RScP
     It’s the middle of summer—the dog days of summer—and people are taking holidays, enjoying the kids who are off from school, and many schools start up next month, going to the beach or working in the garden, as well as going through changes. Change is normal and part of growth, which is how the Universe works. It appears that we are more in conflict than peace: Ukraine, MH17, Gaza, Libya, Syria…. It’s in times like this that we need to use our spiritual practices to commune with Spirit within and know the Truth that will set us free—it is all God and all good when we look for the Power and the Presence that is always present everywhere and available for us. And so we pray….
     God is all there is—the Power, Presence, Goodness, Allness, Peace, Love, Harmony, Abundance. God is the Living Spirit Almighty, the Alpha and the Omega, the entire Universe, the Creator and the Creation, All Life and everything there is. And, I am that I am! I am of and in the Power and the Presence. I am a Spiritual being having a human experience in a Spiritual Universe. I am created in the Spiritual image and likeness of God and am One of the Creator and a co-Creator of my life and experiences.
     Just as I am perfect, whole and complete, I know that each and everyone is perfect, whole, complete, eternal and immortal. I declare that each and everyone is able to be still and know the Truth of their being and live a life of fulfillment and joy and happiness. Through daily spiritual practices of going within, we are unified in the One and create our own destinies as we are divinely guided, directed, led and protected to the highest Good and Greatest yet to be as the activity of God as Love in the world. Peace, love, joy, abundance, health, harmony, and happiness are available within and await our acceptance as gifts of God. I know that each and everyone just says “Yes” to more Life, more Good and more Truth and that our families, communities, nation and world benefit by the positive energy that radiates out and spills forth into the world of effects. I know that each and everyone is a blessing to themselves and everyone they come into contact with and all benefit.
     I am so very grateful for the Good and the Blessings in and through everyone that are manifested by being still and knowing the Truth that sets us free. I am grateful for all the changes that are occurring as they lead to an expanded awareness and consciousness of Good. I am so grateful for the Good that is always present and available for each and everyone as they are guided, directed, led and protected to their highest Good and Greatest yet to be as the activity of God as Love in the world.  I release my Word unto the Law where it is already known in the mind of God and will not return unto me void. I give thanks that this is so and so it is!

 Treatment for July 27, 2014