Prayer of the Day


Treatment by Reverend Faith Woods


From Science of Mind, p. 626: “There is that within me which knows, understands, accepts, believes recognizes and embodies. I know and know that I know…”

One Love. One Life. One Source. One Divine Presence. One Spirit. One.

One Love fills me. One Life animates me. One Source fuels my being. One Divine Presence spills forth from me and One Divine Presence spills forth from you. The very “being” I am is the very “being” you are.

The circle of Life is the “O” in One. This chant becomes my mantra today::
From you I receive
To you I give.
Together we share
From this we live.

With full expectation of receiving, I simply speak my word for a deeper understanding of giving and receiving from all expressions of Source. May I see Love, Beauty, Truth and Goodness at the core of each expression. May I see this in the physical world; may I feel it in my body temple; and may I let Love, Beauty, Truth and Goodness flow from me in return. May I know at every moment there is a never-ending supply of Good as I become ever more generous in my sharing of resources.

I speak this word for all reading this prayer, for Celebration Center and all Centers for Spiritual Living. I speak this word again and expand this prayer to include all expressions seeking to bear witness to the Divine Presence in their lives.

I feel these words – this prayer – moving now from mind to Law and from Law to full expression. Gratefully I let go and proclaim – and so It Is.

Affirmation: Throughout this day, I stay awake to new understandings and deeper engagement with the Divine.

Treatment for May 18, 2017

Everything Works in Divine Order if We Just Allow It


Treatment by Tim Phares, RScP, MIT


It’s May, but it feels like April.  There has been a lovely chill.

Today I have been focusing on trying to get some work done.  Unfortunately, this computer had other ideas.  It stopped for a few hours and I just got it back up.  But it seems to be running smoothly now.

Everything works in Divine order if we will just allow it to.  Sometimes, we have to do so forcefully (such as unplugging, restarting, and cleaning the computer), but it always works.

We simply step into this as we pray.

There is only One Life.   It is perfect, whole, and complete.  It is my life right now.

It is fully expressing in each moment as every one of us.

I know that in Divine life, all is in Divine order.  That order pervades my life.  It fills everything in my life.  It continually moves forward, upward, ever greater, higher, and deeper.    Everything operates the way it is supposed to.  I move forward.  Each of us moves forward.  With ease and grace, we step into our greater expression always.

I am thankful for the ever greater, for the divinely driven evolution forward and upward, for life itself.

And in that gratitude, I simply release my word to teh Law, knowing that it is done.

And SO is IS!

Treatment for May 10, 2017

Get in My Car and God


Treatment by Edward Preston, RScP

Well, I am in Macomb, MS, on the 4th day of a 10 day trip.  It’s all about family and friends.

So, I just relax as I look at a beautiful blue sky with lots of sunshine.  I feel the Presence, and know that Presence includes grandchildren and in-laws and co-grandparents.  I recognize this as a divine day. With more ahead.  I become one with my car as we drive together around the beautiful countryside.  The steering wheel makes us one.

I realize that family and friends make my life rich, both nearby and distant family and friends.  And on a day like this, I befriend the strangers walking along the streets and roadsides as I drive by.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to just get in my car and go.  I invite you all to join me in this opportunity, wherever you are.  We give Thanks for our ability to travel, down the block or around the country and world.

So, I get in, release the parking break and just go, off into whatever is next.

And so it is,


Treatment for May 9, 2017

The Truth Sets Us Free

 Treatment by Rich Kurasiewicz, RScP
Easter and Spring Break are over and Summer is around the corner. Easter is a time of renewal to take advantage of a special time to go within, reconnect with divinity within, to let the Truth set us free and let this Light shine the rest of the year. Spiritual practices daily renew our connection as we accept the blessings of Spirit in our lives and we are divinely guided, directed and protected to our highest good and greatest yet to be in service as the activity of God as love in the world. And so we pray….
There is only one Power and Presence and Life and Mind—it is God, the living Spirit Almighty. God is the Creator and the Creation, all life and everything there is. God is the substance of everything that was, is and will be. God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent; eternal and immortal. And I am that I am. I am one of the Father, the Spirit, the one Mind and the one Life. I am divinely guided, directed, led and protected to my highest good and greatest yet to be as the activity of God as love in the world.
And just as I am perfect, whole and complete, each and everyone is perfect, whole, complete, eternal and immortal. I know that each and everyone is divine within and of the one Life, one Power, one Presence and one Mind. I declare that the Truth sets us free and we use a Power greater than ourselves for our good and the world’s. I know that each and everyone is the light of the world and a blessing to themselves and everyone they come into contact with. I declare that the gifts of peace, harmony, beauty, love, joy, abundance, health, harmony and happiness have already been made and we accept them, knowing it is God’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom. I know that we first seek the Kingdom of God and it is already within and available when we raise our consciousness to perceive it.; and we are blessed and a blessing. 
I am so very grateful for the Truth that sets us free, for the gifts that have been made, for the Kingdom within and for our desire to renew and raise our consciousness and accept the gifts. I am so very grateful for each and everyone’s service and for the forgiveness and gratitude that we manifest in our lives, in all circumstances and in all experiences.  This is all good and very good! And I release my word unto the Law where it is already known in the mind of God. I know that my word will not return unto me void. I do give thanks that this is so and so it is!
Treatment for April 27, 2017

Bloom Where You’re Planted


Treatment  by Tim Phares, RScP, MIT

April already.  Spring.  Renewal.  And baseball season, always a good time.

I love this time of year.  It’s getting warmer (good thing), all the flowers and other plants are blooming.  Sometime soon, we will go pick berries.  And we just had Opening Day of the baseball season.  Meanwhile, we just returned last night from class.  Growth, opportunity, and movement are occurring.

There is an old saying — bloom where you’re planted.  This is a time of blooming.  There is no better time to bloom than now.

So as we open to blooming, we pray:

There is only One Life, One Mind, One Power, One Presence.  It expresses as all things.  It inspires all, moves all, and yet surrounds and encompasses all that is.  It is the All.

The Life, Love, Light, Power, Peace, Beauty, and Joy that It is is what each of us is right now and always.  We are the dance of those qualities, dancing their dance of possibility eternally, growing, blooming, and expanding into and as the ever new.  It is good.

And so we focus on growth, on thriving, on expansion, on the new blooms that fill our lives with glorious possibility.  We focus on those possibilities.  We choose.  We know.  We accept.  And we thrive.

I am grateful for new blooms, for openers and openings, for  all those wonderful opportunities and possibilities that fill our lives, for the wisdom to know which are ours.  I am grateful for all of this.

And so I simply accept this good with great gratitude, knowing that it is done right here and now, that that wonderful new bloom, that glorious growth is showing up right now and continually.   And I say yes to it.

And SO it IS!

Treatment for April 10, 2017

Ah, Spring

 Treatment by Ed Preston, RScP
Most of my life I have considered Fall to be my favorite season because of the color.  Yet, today, I spent the afternoon in the yard weeding our walk, feeding ducks and birds, listening to woodpeckers, and enjoying 75 degree temperatures and blue sky.  It’s Spring!
So, I really recognize Spirit, God, in all the seasons.  I know all the seasonal changes are divine, as are all the changes going on in my life, even the ones I don’t like for now.  The time for God is Now, not tomorrow or next fall.  
I allow the seasons to bring me together with the ducks and birds and other critters as we all just love this season now.  We are One together in the Now, with Spirit.  
I realize I love watching Mr. and Mrs. Mallard just ducking down into the creek water, and flapping their wings in the water to splash, and just loving the sun and warm air.  I then know they love me for throwing corn and critter food down into the creek for them.  And I love my walk around the lower yard and along the creek, which always needs weeding in spring.  I just meditate as I pull up weeds and grass by the roots to free the walk of them and refresh it for spring.  And I love sending all the grass and weeds off to composting so they too can be recycled.  Life is all about cycles and recycles. 
I am so grateful for the power of these words in my life.  They bring me into love of life Now, not tomorrow or next Fall.  I just say Thank You Spirit for this day and this moment and I share this moment with all those who have experienced this day and now read this treatment.  
So, I release these words into the Law, knowing they work in my life and all life, wild life and human life and All Life.  And now I go out to walk my talk and weed some more  of my walk by the creek.  I just keep loving life Now.  
And so it is, Amen
Treatment for April 9, 2017

A Unity of All

Treatment by Rich Kurasiewicz, RScP
Spring is in the air and Easter is around the corner in a few weeks! This is a special time of renewal in Nature and it can be for us as we choose to renew our faith by raising our consciousness through our intentions and daily spiritual practices. The answers are within as we connect with our divinity—the Kingdom of God within in the secret place of Most High. And, when we raise our consciousness and the energy of love, it raises the consciousness of the world and more love returns to us—the more we give, the more we receive. And so we pray…
God is the One Power, the One Presence and the One Mind, the substance of all there is and ever was and ever will be.  God is the Living Spirit Almighty in all, around all, through all and throughout all. God is the Alpha and the Omega. God is Good. And I am that I am. I am perfect, whole and complete and one of the Father and the entire Universe. I am one with the One Mind and a co-creator in my life. I am an individualized expression of the divine, made of the same substance as God and in the spiritual image and likeness of God!
And just as I am perfect, whole and complete, each and everyone is perfect, whole, complete, eternal and immortal. I declare each and everyone is open to receive the spirit, intelligence, love and the gifts of peace, love, joy and abundance to live a life filled with health, harmony and happiness. I know that we all look upon each and everyone and everything with love as we know the spirit of God is in everyone and everything for it is all One and all Good. I know and affirm that the consciousness of our communities and nation are raised to one of love, forgiveness, compassion, unity, faith, trust and belief, and it is good and very good. And, I know that this brings about a unity of all in the spirit of love and goodness, which already is what is.
I am so very grateful for the blessings of love, unity and wholeness that are manifested in each and everyone as we all choose to raise our consciousness by going within. I am so grateful for the Power and Presence of Love and Good that are present in everyone and everything. I am exceedingly grateful for the gifts of peace, love, joy and abundance that are already made and our acceptance as we live happy and prosperous lives in peace and harmony with our neighbor. And I release my word unto the Law where it is already known in the mind of God. I know that my word will not return unto me void. I do give thanks that this is so and so it is!
Treatment for March 27, 2017

We Are ONE.


Treatment by Suzanne Delahaie RScP, MiT


Good evening,

A busy day for us (though not as busy as it was for the Donald) 😊

We went to our normal breakfast at our Dutch Country Market and picked up a few items from there for dinners.

Came home to watch the inauguration, and then up to see the movie “Hidden Figures”.  (I recommend it, btw)

One line that impressed me in Donald Trump’s speech was “We must think Big and Dream Bigger” And another line, this from Hidden Figures at the end, when the Main character, Katherine, was talking with her Boss asking about the possibility of the Moon shot, she responded with “We’re already there, sir”

So I write now a prayer.

In God are all possibilities.  As I know that there is only one, one mind, one experience, one joy.  And since there is only one, I know that this one is in, through, and around me and all that I know and experience.  I am blessing the progress we have made in our relations to each other, our future and our past.   Knowing that what we as a country, as a world and as a congregation, have in front of us is so much grander than what has been,  I am knowing that with God’s guidance and that  with God’s strength, that we can and will be all that we are to be.  I know that there is a source of joy and peace, that is made manifest every day. I do give thanks for this knowing, and the truth of my words. I release my words to the law of life, knowing that it is true, and is made manifest.  AND SO IT IS…

With Joy and love

Treatment for January 20, 2017

At Choice

Treatment by Rev. Faith Woods, RScP

Today is my day! (OK – Every day is my day!  And I hope you feel it is your day too!)     Today is my day to hold Celebration Center for Spiritual Living in prayer. And I have. Through this day I have kept you in my heart as I have felt the high energy of Life moving throughout my day.  I have felt this as I did tasks for our Center and in my own home.  I keep breathing and remembering and praying.  This day is here just for me and just for you.  This moment when we acknowledge one another is purely ours.  We become One energy.

There is only One absolute, without beginning, without ending, reaching into the depths and heights and widths and breadths of all we can imagine – and in-between and beyond.  Love, Light, Pure Truth and Knowingness are all attributes of Spirit.

I recognize my connection…to the All that Is, To the Fullness of Love.   And – as I know that the totality of All that is, is beyond my grasp – still I know a bit of It.  I experience It as I am aware and I trust.  I believe I am invited to use this power of good.  I know this experience of connection and more is here for each and every person reading this prayer.  I know that each is part of this Divine energy.

I realize that each of us is at choice.  I know I am at choice in my mind, in my home, at my Center and in the World.  Words that I agree with and words that I question are all good for me to learn and discern.  Wow – how exciting!  I ask:  What do you have to teach me today?  What can I learn from you today?  And I am at choice to be in agreement or not.  I know that each individual is not bound by his or her precedent, and free to move and shift and change and grow when ready and willing to see more.

I am grateful that my mind is free and that I can choose my focus.  I am grateful for this prayer pouring forth before the clock strikes midnight!  I am grateful for you.  I am grateful for our lives here on this planet at this time, knowing we are each serving our unique purpose.  And I am grateful for Life Itself.  I am grateful that we support one another in knowing all good for one another.

What a joy to speak and just be.  What a joy to know that doing is a choice and is an option available to us.  What a joy to know that we are each free to choose how we express our love in the world.

Releasing in Joy.

And so it is.  Amen (and a little woman*)

Treatment for January 18, 2017


The Divine Life is Flowing

Treatment by Tim Phares, RScP & MIT


My first prayer day of the New Year, and I didn’t get to it until it was almost over.

Change is in the air.  We have a new president coming in a few days.  Tonight I had the first session of my online class. We travel again this weekend.  Much is happening.  The Divine Life is flowing.

And so we pray:

There is only One Life.  it is All in All.

That Life, in, as, through, and around all, is Energy in all its forms.  We move in it, as it moves through us.  All that It is, we are.

I know that that movement fills my life with joy, peace, abundance, health, and so much more.

I am thankful for all the exciting new things unfolding in my life, and for the blessings that are ongoing.

And I know that it is done here and now.

And SO it IS!