Celebrating Sacred Practices

Treatment by Ed Preston, RScP

 I celebrate our three sacred spiritual practices: Meditation, Visioning and Treatment, and I add a fourth, moving our feet.

As I become quiet and write these words, I know all of us are writers and readers in this moment.  I know all of us find the peace that unites us with God, with the Universe.  We come into communion with God.  We recognized our presence in the Universe and the presence of God, the One, within ourselves.  We unite.

I feel the meditative peace of this moment and know that I am in Communion.  I realize that we all are in the flow with the purpose of the Universe, and we are open to receiving our purpose as a Vision of our Mission in this life of manifesting Spirit in Form.  I know we have the power to realize that Vision, or Mission, by simply Treating and Moving our Feet.  We are ready to do that now, as we feel our Communion with God and know our Mission.  I know we now speak our Word in Treatment and are ready to move our feet in action to achiever our Missions in this life.

I am so grateful for the power of Meditation and Visioning and Treatment and Moving Our Feet in this life.  They allow us to become One with the threefold nature of the Universe and fully realize our Spirit and Minds and Bodies in this Devine World.  I know our gratitude empowers our movement through this life along all our individual paths.  I am simply grateful for it ALL.

So, I release these words into the Law, or Mind, of the Universe, knowing it is the Law that operates in each life reading this treatment now.  I gratefully let these words flow out knowing they work for All so we live our Missions in Life.  I accept that it is so.  And so it is.  Amen.

Treatment for June 9, n2015