Dimensions of Mystery

Treatment by Ed Preston, RScP




I discovered SOM 41 years ago.  I finally got to take the Foundations Course 22 years ago.  I became a practitioner 17 years ago.  Two weeks ago I signed up for the “Travel With Our Spiritual Leader” Viking Rhine River Cruise and mailed a check for it 10 hours ago.  I attended my first class, auditing, the SOM Foundations Course 4 hours ago.  Somehow, time makes no sense in my life.


I recognize Time as one of the many dimensions of Reality.

I accept with Albert Einstein that time is just what keeps one thing after another from becoming everything at once.

Yet sometimes time even flunks that test in my life.

Then, I wonder how many dimensions God has?  I recognize also that there is no answer to that question.

So, I celebrate the Mystery that I call God, the Mystery that leads me through a life in time without time, simply knowing my own form of timelessness.

I know that ultimately there is nothing ultimate.

I accept that all this applies to only one of the many dimensions of the Reality that I call God, or Mystery, and every dimension of Reality can be described with equal or greater confusion.


So, I see that the one thing that unifies all of the dimensions of reality into a true Reality is to simply release all dimensions from my mind as I move into Mind.

I accept that no dimensions are needed to celebrate and unite with the Mystery, which I call God, and with my God whom I call Mystery.


I come then to realize that I live in Form in very few dimensions.

This means I am not a Mystery to God.

I can be well known to the Infinite, as a finite form of limits and definitions and terms of agreement.

Yet even I do not know much about myself, so I accept that I am part of my own Mystery.

And I know even less about other beings in Form.

We are all mysteries to one another, so we are all Divine.  We are part of the Mystery.


I give thanks for the confusions of Form, which lead me to just releasing the furious need to understand what is going on all the time.

I stop and just let it be, whatever that is.  I know my peace in just the present moment, releasing what is next or what is past.

I am so grateful for that power to release the need to understand Form all the time.  I am NOW.


Gratitude takes me right into release, again, as I release my need to understand Spirit and Law and Form in 5, 10, 100 or a million dimensions.

I find the power of the Present Moment by simply releasing all of the rest of Reality to just feel the Presence in the Present Moment.

That Presence is Mystery to my mind, yet I know that I am no mystery to the One Mind.  It has a full and beautiful capability to understand me, yet no need to “understand” me.

I have no capability to understand the Mystery, yet feel the need to do so constantly, in time.  We balance each other in this Moment.

Right Now, in this Moment, I release that need, as I also release these words into the Mystery knowing they were understood even before I release them.

So, I just let it All be, and so It is.

Treatment for December 9, 2014