DRUM CIRCLE Every Other Saturday

Come Drum!


– Clear your mind with the sound vibrations
– Speak words of intention into the circle
– Carry the Healing Energy of the drums into the world

Please join our percussionist, Brent Mast, as he leads our circle. No experience necessary! Any sort of percussion is welcome – drum, shaker, bell, tambourine, etc.

Where: Roundtree Park in Falls Church. We will be in the grass next to the parking lot near the intersection of Annandale Rd. and Dauphine Dr. (Please note that the park’s address via GPS – 3411 Casilear Rd. If you are taking Graham Rd. from Falls Church, you would turn right on Annandale Rd. & the parking lot is the next driveway on the left.)

Roundtree Park has a large parking lot and public bathrooms.

Please continue to honor social distancing & wearing masks until further notice. And you will need to bring a chair.

The schedule for this drum circle will be influenced by the weather, so the best option for the latest news is to subscribe to the CCSL announcement list at www.celebrationcenter.org or go to the Meetup group at https://www.meetup.com/Falls-Church-Drum-Circle-Meetup-Group/ .

Donations: The Celebration Center sponsors this circle & tithes to Brent for his leadership. Please come prepared to leave a donation or donate online the CCSL website with a note for drumming.

  “Drumming can induce a natural “high” by increasing Alpha brain waves.
When the brain changes from Beta waves (concentration) to Alpha waves,
you feel calm and relaxed.”
~ Christiane Northrup M.D.
  Did you know drumming makes you smarter? The rhythmic energy synchronizes both hemispheres of your brain, so logical left & intuitive right pulsate together, making the inner guidance system stronger by using the whole brain.