Everything Works in Divine Order if We Just Allow It


Treatment by Tim Phares, RScP, MIT


It’s May, but it feels like April.  There has been a lovely chill.

Today I have been focusing on trying to get some work done.  Unfortunately, this computer had other ideas.  It stopped for a few hours and I just got it back up.  But it seems to be running smoothly now.

Everything works in Divine order if we will just allow it to.  Sometimes, we have to do so forcefully (such as unplugging, restarting, and cleaning the computer), but it always works.

We simply step into this as we pray.

There is only One Life.   It is perfect, whole, and complete.  It is my life right now.

It is fully expressing in each moment as every one of us.

I know that in Divine life, all is in Divine order.  That order pervades my life.  It fills everything in my life.  It continually moves forward, upward, ever greater, higher, and deeper.    Everything operates the way it is supposed to.  I move forward.  Each of us moves forward.  With ease and grace, we step into our greater expression always.

I am thankful for the ever greater, for the divinely driven evolution forward and upward, for life itself.

And in that gratitude, I simply release my word to teh Law, knowing that it is done.

And SO is IS!

Treatment for May 10, 2017