Express Something

Treatment by Jenn Fay, RScP
   I’ve been reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book
Big Magic. It’s about creativity & all the lore 
around this seemingly elusive experience.
If you feel a creative nudge or have a curiosity,
follow it, go for it! She & I agree that’s a Divine
Nudge towards something. I call it following the 
thread. It has lead me to such Wonder. 
   Following her advice that rings true to me,
I’m putting my words out there in a nontraditional
prayer-poem. Not everyone likes poetry, but I’m 
not hear to please everyone, thank you, God for
that! 🙂
Express Something
Beloved knows All that Is
All that I am
Together, we craft Life, make changes, plod along
Then, sprint towards the Rapture, the Wonder
My feet land on firm ground
Then, confusion….
Sacred stepping stones strategically placed
 in every direction
Sustain or create a new status quo
Momentarily, the “same old” creeps in…
Heart broken, open with disappointment
For God’s sake!
No… for God’s Delight!
Finally, my Compassion for Being human
Even when I miss the mark,
the Urge celebrates the perfection within
my missing, my falling, my failing, my crying…
For God’s Delight… ah, there, I see it, I feel it
I am cradled in the hammock
 The Sacred Bolts of fabric
wrapping me in hues that soothe, sparkle, and comfort
It’s just a poem
Just a creation allowed to move through Life
Let loose of it! It’s the Divine’s!
Let the next, the next, and the next Inspired Idea come
One Life – Together Expressing
Sacred Mystery moves to… 
Another Idea, another poem, another piece of art,
piece of God, another something
Infinite Joyful Creations, always being released
And so it is!
Treatment for September 7, 2016