God Has Made the Day


Treatment by Suzanne Delahaie, RScP



This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalms 118 v.24

This beautiful piece of scripture, came to me just as I was sitting down to write this prayer,  It reminds me to  see that God has made the day, and that I can and do rejoice in this day.

As I know that there is only God, God creator, God in all as all.  I see the God in all, the actions of God in all, the being of God as all. I know that as God is all and that therefore God is in me as me, in all that I see, and know.  I know that God is joy, and I can rejoice with God in the creation of the day.  As I know that I am glad for this day,  I know that as I am joyful, God’s joy fills me fully.  As I release concerns of the day, I am realized of the experience that is God:  The Joy, the love, the beauty.   I am so filled with the experience of  being,  the love that fills me to overflowing, I am filled with gratitude, and as I know this for myself I know it for all who read this prayer.

I am so grateful.  I give thanks.  And know that it is so.  AND SO IT IS.

With Love

Treatment for September 20, 2016