Harmonies of Life

Treatment by Caron Ward, RScP


In recent months a high frequency sound has invaded the silence of my daily meditation…actually, I am only fully aware of it in the silence, it is now always with me, usually blending into the more pleasant sounds of life…conversation, laughter, music…so that I hardly notice it.  The doctors call it tinnitus, I call it annoying!

And yet, because of this  ‘annoyance’ I have incorporated more music into my life, and especially in my morning practice…I am grateful for Pandora –an app on my phone that lets me plug earphones into the soothing sounds of ‘ocean tranquility’ or ‘anugama’ radio while I open to the sound of what comes from within.  Thus there is a blend and balance between the tension in the ringing in my ears and the relaxed tones of Pandora…and harmony is achieved!

Just as I know that there is harmony in the sounds that surround me, I recognize that what is balanced in music is also balanced in Life.  Tension and relaxation both have meaning in our human experience, and with perspective and appreciation for both, our lives are ever more enriched.  Tension reminds us to stretch and grow, while relaxation allows us to rest in what is.  Knowing this, and knowing that both are experienced in equal measure at the right time in each of our lives, I pray:

In this moment, as in every moment, I am One with the Oneness that is Life…this Oneness, that I call G-d, is the Power and Presence, the Source and the Flow.  I allow It to move through me, creating a perfect balance of both tension and relaxation; equal times of alternating pushing and releasing; stretching and allowing; yearning and accepting.   For it is all part of the creative process… a growing expression of the best that I am yet to become, an expansion of Spirit acting through me bursts forth with each successive cycle.  I am never in equilibrium,  yet I am always in equilibrium. As I know this for myself, I know that this is true in the lives of each and every being. This powerful expression is urging each one of us to move, and allowing us to rest … in perfect balance in each of our lives. I know that some may be experiencing more of the tension today, and yet with tomorrow will come a release and letting go.  I know that even within those that are relaxing, there is that spark that will fire a period of creative tension.  It is all Life … it is all balanced … it is harmony, it is all G-d.

How grateful I am to be experiencing all of Life, all of G-d, in perfect balance and harmony!  I am truly blessed to be One with Spirit, One with each individual, sharing this human experience, supporting and being supported as our creative cycle continues …. eternally.

And it is from this place of gratitude that I release these words into the law, with absolute faith and certainty that they are true, it is so…

And so it is.   with love, Caron

Treatment for March 15, 2015