I Choose



Treatment by Suzanne Delahaie, RScP, MiT

We just got back from the WWJD class, where we are reading and discussing the 1st book of Emma Curtis Hopkins Bible Studies series.  Its quite an interesting class.  Emma Curtis Hopkins was known as the Teacher of Teachers, as she taught the Fillmores, (founders of Unity), the Brooks Sisters (founders of Divine Science) and oh yes Ernest Holmes (what was it that he founded? 😊)

I am impressed by the work. Sometimes, the verbiage is not exactly current, but I really like the book. I am considering getting more.  There are 13 more.  That will keep me busy.

So I am ready to pray.

There is only one, one power, one mind, only one, just one.   I know that this one is in through and is all of creation.

I am one with this one.  This one is all that I know, and all that I will ever know.  It is one, indivisible and I am one with it.  It is the consciousness of peace, of unlimited abundance, of joy and of love.  I choose these and  I become more of these qualities, when I choose them.  Knowing that I have chosen these, I know that everyone reading these words can choose these for their experience.  I choose to experience more and more of the qualities of God.  I choose these for myself, and by my word, everyone everywhere can experience these qualities.  I give thanks for this knowing.  I give thanks for this truth.  I now release my word to the law, and know that it is so.  And So it is.

Keep in the bliss

Treatment for June 20, 2017