I Have Faith


Treatment by  Caron Ward, RScP

Most of my life, I have not thought about faith… ….it is something that has been a part of me without the need to consider its presence.  For me, my faith is like carbon – it is an essential element of my life –  it exists within me at a cellular level.     Yet, when there are situations in my life that appear sad, or difficult, or challenging, I find a need to sit and remind myself to rely on that faith, to relax and know that all is good and that I don’t need to be in control because I have faith in a power that is greater than me.  So I pray:

In all that is visible and all that is not, there is a Power, a Presence that is the very essence of life itself.   This Presence, that I call G-d, is divine knowing, eternal energy, never created and never destroyed, simply changing form but always and forever expressing as love, as peace, as the perfect balance and harmony that always just Is.

I know this Presence, it is with me, comforting me, holding me in love.  I know this Power, it is within me.  It is the perfect answer that speaks to me at just the right moment.  So I relax, lean back and allow….there is no need to try and control…it is with absolute faith that I let go of the worry, of obsessive thinking, and rest in the absolute unquestionable certainty that G-d is, and I am.   For I know that the divine right action that is mine to take, is taking place already, moving toward the perfect outcome at the perfect pace.

With gratitude I accept the divine guidance that is already known by me.  I know that my life is blessed, it is complete, it is in perfect balance …and for this I am so thankful!

And so it is with this gratitude that I release  my word into the Law, with the faith that it is already so…

And so it is.


Treatment for May 15, 2015