In Appreciation, We Accept Our Good Through Prayer


Treatment by Tim Phares, RScP

Wait a minute — isn’t it supposed to be spring?

We woke up this morning and I needed to wear my parka to church.  By the time we headed into the District for lunch, it had gotten a tad warmer, but it was warmer a month ago than it is today!

We saw old friends today, which was nice.  Tomorrow we’re having an installation to speed up our Internet.  Tomorrow night, there is a special event we’re going to see at the movies.  We were blessed with an outstanding service today at Celebration Center.
We enjoyed fellowship, service, and fun.
And so in appreciation, we accept our good through prayer.
There is only One Life.  That Life is perfect.  It is in, as, through, throughout, and around all.   It is my life and the life of all.  
As the expression of the One, the words I speak and write are the words of God, through me.  The love, peace, joy, harmony, and abundance that God is, God is as each of us.  And so it is us.  
I say yes to that  love, peace, joy, harmony, and abundance, expressing more fully in my life every day.  I simply claim all the good that is mine.  I step into new opportunities, new adventures, new ways of being in service to Spirit and to the world.

I am thankful for the opportunity to say yes to this amazing good.   I give thanks for all the great things that are showing up in my life, and I say yes to their continued expansion.

And so, in deep gratitude, knowing that all is well, I simply accept, let go, and know that it is done, right now and always.

And SO it IS!
Treatment for April 10, 2016