In Awe.


Treatment by Rev. Trish Hall

Dear Ones …

Ah … the intention to write at dawn got swept into the day, swirled in thoughts and prayers, in meditation and mediations, distinctions and decisions … into the whole collage of life.  How wonder-filled is my life when I slow to the appreciate it all!  Wow!!  And now, I slow even more to come to the stilling of my body, the simplifying and clearing of my mind.  In this moment of respite, it becomes easy to apprehend the Presence in and as everything.  I am in awe.  I needn’t try to use words for words retard the experience of awe.

In awe, I rest …

In awe, I marvel …

In awe, I am … [stay as long as you like]

When I return my attention to thought and my surroundings, I am so filled with gratitude that I feel like a newly popped bottle of champagne, bubbling over.

I realize that this that I am experiencing is already known and is being fulfilled in the Mind of God as I am experiencing it.  It is complete and yet never to be completed.  It is so. And so It is!

 July 2, 2014