It is All

Treatment by Suzanne Delahaie. RScP, MIT


I offer this prayer for everyone in honor that this touches you in some where,

There is only one, one source, one being that is the full experience of that which is.  It is the completion, and it is the beginning.   It is all that I am, all that I know, and the joy and love that is the full experience that is.  It is the complete expression of all those that are reading this prayer.  Knowing that all that is, experiences through me and all others the joy and wonder that is, I realize that this joy is shared by all at the deepest level of their being, even if they are not aware of this  experience. They experience the love of the universe, and the prosperity that is, in their hearts.  The love, joy and prosperity of the universe floods their hearts, flowing through all of their being. It is with this experience of joy, and love that we give thanks to all that we are for all that we are.   In this spirit we release the words of this prayer knowing their truth.

And So it is

Love Y’all

Treatment for May 20, 2017