One Power, One Presence, One Mind

Treatment by Rich Kurasiewicz, RScP
It’s Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start of Summer. BBQs, schools are winding down, and vacations starting. It’s a good time for remembering those who have passed and were instrumental in our lives. It’s also a good time to take stock of our spiritual lives before we get busy with summer activities. Daily spiritual practices also assist in getting us centered with our spiritual within as we connect with the Power, Presence, and Intelligence of the Universe. It is the Truth that sets us free as we are continuously guided, directed, led, and protected by Spirit, which is within each and everyone. And so we pray….
God is the One Power, One Presence, One Mind and One Life. It is the spiritual substance of which everything is made. God is present everywhere in every thing, and it is Good. There is only One Mind present and we use it. And I am that I am. I am one of this One Power, One Presence and One Mind. An abundance of Good is present in my life and in all my affairs. I rely on It as it is the Truth that sets me free. I am blessed and a blessing to everyone who comes into contact with me, as I know what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and where to do it.
And just as I am perfect, whole, and complete, each and everyone is perfect, whole, complete, eternal, and immortal. I know that each and everyone is divinely guided, directed, led, and protected to their highest good and greatest yet to be as they consciously connect with the Spirit within and allow the Truth to set them free. I declare that an abundance of Good, Peace, Love, Joy, and Health manifests in the lives of each and every one. I know that we are grateful for all those who came before us and instilled values and showered us with love. Our lives are better because of them and we are shining lights to those who follow. I declare that our love and joy lead us and guide us to live fulfilled lives.
I am so very grateful for the Truth that sets us free, for those who came before us and our willingness to open to the Spirit and Truth within. I am so very grateful for all the blessings in our lives and for those to come. I am so very grateful for the Peace, Love, Joy, and Abundance that continue to manifest in our lives as our lives. I am so grateful for the divine guidance and love in our lives that make our lives worth living. And I release my word unto the Law where it is already known in the mind of God. I know that my word will not return unto me void. I do give thanks that this is so and so it is!
 Treatment for May 27, 2017