Treatment by Reverend Faith Woods


From Science of Mind, p. 626: “There is that within me which knows, understands, accepts, believes recognizes and embodies. I know and know that I know…”

One Love. One Life. One Source. One Divine Presence. One Spirit. One.

One Love fills me. One Life animates me. One Source fuels my being. One Divine Presence spills forth from me and One Divine Presence spills forth from you. The very “being” I am is the very “being” you are.

The circle of Life is the “O” in One. This chant becomes my mantra today::
From you I receive
To you I give.
Together we share
From this we live.

With full expectation of receiving, I simply speak my word for a deeper understanding of giving and receiving from all expressions of Source. May I see Love, Beauty, Truth and Goodness at the core of each expression. May I see this in the physical world; may I feel it in my body temple; and may I let Love, Beauty, Truth and Goodness flow from me in return. May I know at every moment there is a never-ending supply of Good as I become ever more generous in my sharing of resources.

I speak this word for all reading this prayer, for Celebration Center and all Centers for Spiritual Living. I speak this word again and expand this prayer to include all expressions seeking to bear witness to the Divine Presence in their lives.

I feel these words – this prayer – moving now from mind to Law and from Law to full expression. Gratefully I let go and proclaim – and so It Is.

Affirmation: Throughout this day, I stay awake to new understandings and deeper engagement with the Divine.

Treatment for May 18, 2017