Oneness and Diversity

Treatment by Ed Preston, RScP


Wow, it’s already 5:30pm on my day and I’m just thinking about my prayer for the first time.

So, I simply begin:  I am late and lately I have had several words dominant in my conversation and thinking.  I’ll use them all in treatment:

I just pause in this moment, my moment, and I look out at a clear blue, late afternoon sky, and feel the cool fall air coming through my partially open window.  I am so privileged to just be sitting here right now just thinking and writing what I think.  It is sort of like Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages, except its late afternoon.  But I recognize the divine diversity of all around me and I feel it inside and I know it for all who read this treatment.

As we all become One in this moment of celebration of our diversity and our privilege, we unite in knowing our Oneness and see the Unity in our Diversity.  We are One and All.

I realize that life itself is so varied and diverse.  I accept that the word “Oneness” had no meaning by itself.  It needs our “Manyness” or “Diversity” as a contrast so we can understand our Oneness more deeply.

I say, simply, thank you God, Thank you Oneness, Thank you Diversity, and I am so grateful for the blackness and whiteness of this page that allows my words to move out into the Universe of Love and to be read by all of you and included in your lives.

So, I just let it all be and accept it all in its ups and downs, blacks and whites, ins and outs, and rich diversity.

And so it is Inclusively, Amen.

Treatment for October 9, 2016