Our Own Mystery


Treatment by Ed Preston, RScP


All my adult life I have been saying, “I will always tell the truth as I see it, and I always reserve the right to change my mind 180 degrees at any time.”  Now, I just finished reading for the 3rd time an article titled, “When Ernest Holmes was Wrong” by Harv Bishop, from HarvBishop.com, which was sent out on our CSL Practitioner email list. The article talked about how Ernest “evolved” in his thinking over time.  Ahhhhhh!  Don’t we all!  And, whenever someone tells me someone else was “wrong”, I have always looked for a key word in the statement being claimed as wrong, and said, “Well, it all depends on what he means by that key word.”

Now, in Science of Mind, we teach that we are all God.  So, I am a manifestation of God here in the material world.  So, God always tells the truth as he or she sees it, and I know God always reserves the right to change His or Her mind here on Earth at any time.  And, anytime God questions anything I declare, He or She first asks, “Well, what do you mean by my key word?


So, I open myself to seeing and recognizing the Mystery that I call God, or Spirit.  I am part of that Mystery along with all the other beings with whom I share life, including plants, and other animals, and people, and even rocks and sand.

As I become One with that Mystery, I know that I can “know it all” or “know nothing” at any moment.  I have the divine power to simply switch from one to the other, “knowing it all or nothing”.  I allow “all” and “nothing” to become One in my Mind.

I realize we all have the power to change, to evolve, to grow, by being wrong and then right, by being able to ask, “well, what does he mean by ‘Mystery’ and then adding our own definition of “Mystery” as we think about what is said here.  Each of us is our own Mystery, our own Spirit, our own God.  And I hear myself being asked, “Well, what do you mean by ‘Mystery or Spirit or God”?  By “Mystery” I mean “Spirit”, by “Spirit” I mean “God”, by “God” I mean “Mystery”.  For me, they are really All One.

So, gratefully I accept my need to agree or disagree with things that are said or thought about in this life.  Right now I thankfully accept my urge to ask, “Well what do you mean by ‘Spirit’, when I think about it.  I am just thankful for my power to think and ask and agree and disagree and be right or wrong.  And, in many ways, I give thanks for my ability to not understand everything around me and just let it be.

So, I release that urge to understand, and I accept the Mystery for just what that word means at any moment.  It is my place of peace to just be in the Mystery and to be the Mystery.  So, I release these words into the Mystery from which they came, knowing I am complete in the Mystery of Being.  And so it is, or isn’t.

Treatment for April 9, 2016