Prayer for the Positive Impact of Today’s Solar Eclipse

Treatment by Jenn Fay, RScP


Please join me in knowing the Wonder of Spirit on this day!

   The Divine has birthed this day in Creative Mystical Light and Energy to Awaken All of Life. As we join people all over planet Earth who look up to witness something magnificent, Life expands in Grand Potentials & Sweet Positivities.

   It is from this awareness that I affirm the Grace being bestowed upon us this day. The new Moon & Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017

Inspire every Life to allow for a “RESET” in the absence of this solar energy. During the eclipse we release all patterns of negativity & lack. In these moments of shared Wonder, Oneness is revealed.

   As the rays of the Sun return, we Shine in the Upgrade Vibration & Consciousness of the Divine. WE are the New Frequency of the Creative Truth of Life where challenges Inspire us to Divine Resolution; where Love Inspires us with Perfect Cooperative Action; and we live from an awareness of Sacred Purpose & Clear Vision.

  I am so grateful to know the potential of this day. I am very thankful to all who participate in the global meditation

(, for we participants tip the scale of influence, creating a critical mass of consciousness that invites Love to guide more fully & freely. This tipping point clears the clutter of the human experience & moves us to live from the True Spiritual Essence that we have always been.

   I release these ideas into the Law that will expand upon them to manifest a New Reality of Love! We are Blessed to be here NOW! We are moving forward Powerfully as Love NOW! Peace & Wholeness embrace every Being NOW!

And so it is! Amen! Hallelujah!

Anticipating more Wonder from us,

Treatment for August 21, 2017