Is God Busy?

Treatment by Ed Preston RScP

I rise in glory while appreciating the conditions of my life that cause the frustrations of my life. Too busy!! Not enough time!! A life so full of beauty and friends!! “Damn, I’m booked up then!!” “Hallelujah!!” Can’t see you until November. Oh, Glory! Your busy on my only free day!! We share the glory! Sorry, I’m getting a new knee that week even though you’ve finished you physical therapy for your new hip. We’re both becoming bionic! Life is a two way street and both ways have heavy traffic, accidents, and take us to where we want to be. Hallelujah!!.


As I become quiet, I find new ways to appreciate “busyness”. I imagine myself as God, as Spirit. I imagine how busy God must be. I accept that everything happens “in its time” because God is busy, even more busy than I am. I recognize and open to God’s busyness as infinitely more busy than mine. Yet we share that busyness now. As I allow myself to be God, I simply accept that too busy is something that only appears to me when I am manifesting in form. “Up here” there is no “too busy”. So, when I really feel too busy, I know that I can come “up here” and find my infinity.

As I rise to the higher place, I look down on the two-way streets of life in Form. I love them. I love the traffic, the accidents, the congestion and even the jay walking of life. It is my life. Even as I look down from above, I can look up from below and say, “Thank you God!” for the traffic of my life. I recognize it as the traffic of love. I love the things that make me busy here in this life, even the things that make me “too busy”. I allow myself to become One, not just with the power above, but with all those in the traffic of life, we accept the accidents, together, as acts of love for our destinations. We move on.

I realize that really busy is really in love with life. I honor my frustrations as simple desire for even more that will make me even busier. I allow myself to wonder where is the limit. When I go above to the busyness of God, I accept there is no limit. When I proceed in form I just accept the limits of time, knowing that time is real only here in Form. Some day I will move beyond time. Right now, I simply accept and know and love that I am here, in time.

I thank my frustration for reminding me that I must “do something more” even though that may be three months from now. Thank God for the three months. Thank God for the lack of any more time tomorrow, here and now. Thank God for the release from that as I simply return to “Up Here”. Gratitude releases the “too busy” into the simply “busy” of my life. I am so grateful that I am God in Form and also out of Form.

I see my traffic and release the need for stop lights and police cars and cross walks and rules. I release only the “need” for them. They are part of my life and I simply accept them as here and now and I love them. So, I let go and go with the flow of the traffic of my life as I honor the red lights, the stop signs, the crossing guards, and the tow trucks. I love them all as we all go with the flow together.

And so it is, Amen.

 September 9, 2013