The Divine Life is Flowing

Treatment by Tim Phares, RScP & MIT


My first prayer day of the New Year, and I didn’t get to it until it was almost over.

Change is in the air.  We have a new president coming in a few days.  Tonight I had the first session of my online class. We travel again this weekend.  Much is happening.  The Divine Life is flowing.

And so we pray:

There is only One Life.  it is All in All.

That Life, in, as, through, and around all, is Energy in all its forms.  We move in it, as it moves through us.  All that It is, we are.

I know that that movement fills my life with joy, peace, abundance, health, and so much more.

I am thankful for all the exciting new things unfolding in my life, and for the blessings that are ongoing.

And I know that it is done here and now.

And SO it IS!