Time for Action – The Great Gatsby

by Tim Phares, RScp, May 10, 2013

 Today we saw The Great Gatsby.  It’s an excellent adaptation of the classic Fitzgerald novel. The Great Gatsby is about striving, dreaming, and trying to restore what was.  Jay Gatsby is a man who has remade himself from a penniless war veteran into a millionaire, all in pursuit of his lost love, Daisy, who is now married to Tom Buchanan.  Tom is old money. The green light at the Buchanans’ residence across the harbor represents the dream that is just out of reach for Gatsby.  At one point, he’s talking to his friend Nick, the narrator (and most likely Fitzgerald’s alter ego.)  He asks if his preparations are “too much.” “It’s what you want,” says Nick.

So what do we want?  Is it too much?  Is that dream just out of reach?  Are you standing on the dock, staring at that green light?

Time for action.

So …  Knowing that there is only One, that It is all of us, that everything is that One, knowing that, as Robert Browning said, “Man’s reach must exceed his grasp/Else what’s a Heaven for?”, I simply now know and accept that Life moves forward.  We cannot go back.  But dreams are always made real, if we focus and follow Divine guidance.

I am thankful for that beacon of light beckoning us all to reach for dreams and I am grateful for the knowledge that we can make of our circumstances whatever we choose to make them.  I accept this in gratitude, and I release it to Divine Law.

And SO it IS.

Tim Phares is a founding member of Celebration Center