Transforming Individually

Treatment By Ginny Fitzner, RScP

The definition of transform is:

a :  to change in composition or structure

b :  to change the outward form or appearance of

c :  to change in character or condition

Transformation is the act, process, or instance of transforming or being transformed.

We describe Religious Science as a transformational philosophy.  Many who have studied it report that their lives are better, relationships are improved, abundance and prosperity replace lack and limitation.  This month’s theme at Celebration Center is:  Transforming, Individually.

And so I pray.

Knowing there is only One omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent Spirit, the First Cause, the All in All, that I call God, I know that I am one with and inseparable from God, and as I know this Truth about myself, I know it about everyone at the Celebration Center, and about everyone everywhere.  And I know that our nature is to evolve, to change, and that this change and evolution is Divinely guided.  I know that there is a power for good in the Universe, and we can use it!

Knowing this truth, I know about myself, and about everyone at the Celebration Center that the Universe is the One Mind of God.  I know that our thoughts are known in the One Mind, and that there is a spiritual Law that works just as surely as the laws of gravity and electricity, making manifest our thoughts and desires.  I know that as expressions of the Divine, we co-create our life experiences.  And so, opening to all possibilities, we release anything from our past that no longer serves, for we know that we are entitled to all of the good that the Universe has to offer and that we are open to receiving.  Releasing the past, and opening to the limitless supply of Good that is available, we create the experiences we desire and we are transformed.  We open to and embrace change, knowing the Truth that we are ever moving forward, ever evolving.  Accepting, embracing and welcoming that Truth, we are amazed at the way our lives are transformed and, as our lives change, we notice those around us changing, too.  The sun shines a little bit more brightly.  We notice more smiles.  We receive more hugs.  We have fewer struggles.  Traffic is lighter.  Our work place is more inviting.  Our relationships are great.  The potential is unlimited because it is as big as the unlimited givingness of God!

March 1, 2014