Wild Things

Treatment by Ed Preston, RScP

Well I am so late writing this and I just gave up on doing a nice short one.

So, now I just embrace my love of nature in my back yard.  It is Devine, my God.  I recognize my Mallard Ducks, Wood Ducks, foxes, deer, ground hogs, Downey Wood Peckers, and overpopulations of squirrels and chipmunks as God at work in the creek, it’s valley, my lawn and wild spaces.  They are all places where God is at work in my life right now.

I stand on my deck, or sit by my creek, and become One with all the wild things around me.  I embrace them so I can become a wild thing and they can become One with my Peace.

I realize that my life is enriched by my Nature space and all the Devine beings that I help feed every day.  I accept their love just as I given them my love.  I am in Heaven.

I’m so grateful for having bought our home 41 years ago with Accotink Creek in our back yard.  I had no idea, then, what it would be like now.  And I gratefully release any need to know what it will be like 41 years from now.

So, I release these words into the law of Nature, the law of Love, the law of my Universe, the law that works for all of us who write and read these words.

We can all find something to love in our lives.  So, just love something today.


Treatment for June 9, 2016