World Ministry of Prayer – “Now is the Appointed Time”

I have been sitting with this, waiting for the right time and listening for what the message was that wanted to be expressed, regarding the events that have been going on over the last week. I had to sit and process through the pain, the anger and most of all the disappointment. The waiting is over, the fog has lifted, and now is the time for me to speak. I must say I find it interesting that these recent events have occurred during the week that the nation celebrated 4th of July, Independence Day. Oh yes, now is the appointed time.
I can only express from who I Am, a Black Man, living in America, serving Centers for Spiritual Living as the Manager for World Ministry of Prayer. Yes, now is the appointed time for me to use this platform for something other than announcing upcoming trainings or events. Thank you Rev. Carolyn Douglas. I heard you.
Let us not be fooled, we are at war here folks. As evidenced by the events in Dallas, Texas. And let us be clear here, this is a not a battle between white and black or good and evil. It is a battle of consciousness. And this battle is an internal one. Internal to the nation. Internal to ourselves. The phrase jihad was initially longer. It was jihad al nufs, meaning battle of the soul. Yes, this is an inside job.
I know that as Practitioners of Religious Science, which include licensed Practitioners, Ministers and all those who practice the Principles of Science of Mind, some of us may try to fool ourselves by saying that “it is all good” and that “there is nothing to be healed, only truth to be revealed.” However, the truth is, beloveds, there is much to be healed. You see, in order for the Truth to be revealed, we have to heal the blocks, whatever they may be, that would act to block the divine revelation of Spirit from being brought to light.
This sickness of racism against people of color has been plaguing this great nation of ours for close to four hundred years. Yes, four hundred years. No, this sickness, this disease is not new. With the technology of today, the effects of this sickness have been boldly put in our faces like no other time in history. And truthfully speaking, this is a good thing. This a good thing because we need to see the condition of this body we call America. We need to see where we are called to do our work. We need see that putting our heads in the sands of spiritual bypass no longer serves us, or the greater good of humanity.
If there has ever been a call to prayer, this is it. And now is the appointed time to answer that call. I am not saying that we just get together and pray in our communities. This is indeed greatly needed and highly encouraged. However, we have to go deeper, we have to go beyond that. We are called to go deeper in our prayer work for ourselves. We are called to treat ourselves to uncover any and all discord within ourselves. We are called to pray for the courage to look at ourselves and heal whatever needs to be healed. Then after that, we are called to be the healing presence of the Divine wherever we go, and to be that healing presence in the ways that only we can on an individual basis. As Dr. Kenn stated, this is a call to act. It is written that faith without works is dead.
Dr. Holmes taught that we are to treat then move our feet. My beloved friends and colleagues, now is the time to get busy. Now is the time to put aside, for good, all of our petty gripes about how the organization is run or not run. Now is the time to stand together as a united front, as Centers for Spiritual Living, proclaiming that we are here for Love. That we are here for Peace. That we are here for God.
Now is the appointed time to have dialogue for the purpose of seeing the differences in people. Then to accept and celebrate those differences without judgment or agenda. Now is the time to ask ourselves; how may I serve today sweet Spirit. Now is the time to take a bold stand for what is right. Not just for one race of people but for all the races that make up this divine family called the human race.
To repeat what Dr. Kenn stated: If you or anyone in your community needs prayer, please seek out a CSL Center, a Practitioner or contact the CSL World Ministry of Prayer: You can also send email prayer request to:
If you would like to learn more about how you and your community can be part of the solution to racism, please contact the diversity commission for a training in your center.
Do whatever works for you,, and do it today.  Your consciousness is needed.
My beloved friends and colleagues, now is the appointed time and we are the ones appointed to make the change. Join me and thousands of others in knowing the Truth. In spite of the appearances, there’s a healing going on, and it is going on right here and right now.
I am grateful for a time such as this. I am grateful because we get to practice what we say we teach.
And always remember; Life is Precious, handle with prayer.
Peace and Abundant Blessings,